Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Bad, testing picture load from shutterfly

Test, test this is only a test.  I loaded a picture from Shutterfly to see how it works.  Blogger is not letting me add any more pictures from IPhoto/Mac until I join Picaso and pay for additional storage space.  Any help out there in blogland?  Don't you love Melissa' wedding shoes? something blue



  1. This is the same problem I've been having, that's why I'm having to use so many slide shows? If you will go into your blogger picasaweb photo account, you'll probably notice you have duplicate pics that you can delete. The key is to delete the correct one. Once you do this you will need to save your changes to your photo storage and then this will allow you to add pics. Or, you can just use programs like windows live or photobucket to add pics in the html format, which will still display the picture once you view. Hope this helps and good luck!

  2. You are scaring me! I have already thought about packing bags and going to wordpress. But, scared of making the swap over. I know it is coming though. I see too many doing it.

  3. I use flickr and don't have a problem. my only issue was running out of upload space on flickr (a free account is 100mb/month- a paid account is unlimited for $25/year)


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