Tuesday, August 29, 2017

When your niece gets married ....

You help of course and feel very old, because the baby you bounced on your knee and watched grow is now becoming a married woman!  She and Rhett were married at the White Sparrow Barn in Quinlan, Texas. 
The altar area before and after.  Sydney wanted simple and lots of greenery.  The venue was a gorgeous location and didn't need too much extra "stuff".
 Thank goodness, my baby sister was in from Baton Rouge and could help with flowers.
Mint julep cups were filled with fresh flowers and nestled amongst lanterns upstairs.
 Bridal bouquets included garden roses, ranunculus, crespedia, scabiosa, heather and lots more greenery. 
 See what I mean about a gorgeous venue.

 The Mother of the Bride's best friend hosted a luncheon for the bride and her maids while they were getting ready.

 Very impressive way to find your table for the reception.  Escort cards were clipped with tiny clothespin to this huge framed piece of fake grass. 

More fun pictures to come, when I figure out how to share from the family picture site.

Friday, August 25, 2017

The People that make a party worthwhile!

Did I mention I didn't have to lift a finger for this party.   Our three daughters hosted this party at my sister's home. 

 My SIL Sean still had his moving tables and chairs clothes on, but I think shortly after this picture he was in the pool!  
 Sweet cousins!
 The man of the hour (or 60 years!)

 My little sister with my little twins. 

 Friends, relatives from Texas and Louisiana!

 Now for a sneak peek at the amazing wedding weekend with my sweet niece. I will have the pictures from all that fun weekend ready soon. 

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

21,915 days old

Lynn turned 60!!! Our three daughter's hosted and my sister offered her home for a great PARTY!
 This was the sweetest and I may have cried over a few of them.  Each daughter wrote their 20 favorite things about their Daddy!  
 The food was amazing!

 The decorations were over the top!

 The flamingo got in on the action too.

 It was HOT outside, so the Sangria station was a big hit. 
 I put my camera down before the pizza was delivered.  Great way to fancy up a pizza buffet. 
Next up... the family and friends that joined in the fun!!

Saturday, August 12, 2017

My niece is getting married

My youngest niece is getting married!  So, of course her Aunt's had a wedding shower in her honor. 

Brunch and Bubbly!!
 The hostesses gave her a Brunch Cookbook that everyone signed. 
Even the flower girls signed the book!  They were asked to be flower girls at the shower.  Hooray!!

We served quiche, shrimp and grits, sausage rolls and fruit salad.  And each hostess provided 24 mini desserts.
 The bubbly bar was set self serve.

 One her Aunt's hand pressed the tags on the favors.  So sweet and pretty.

 I let the grands prepare their own peanut butter and crackers.  They weren't big shrimp and grits fans.

Great Grammie would have put all four grands on her lap if she could have.  She settled for MissAllyAnn

So happy to celebrate love and family!
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