Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Golden Dinner

It was wonderful!  We gathered in our golden outfits, we feasted at a golden table and we had one heck of a great party afterward too.

Aunt Carole provided the little gold bags filled with chocolates, her favorite flower is daisies. 

Everything was gorgeous and the meal was delicious too.

The bride.

Uncle Walt loved his shoes.

My sister still fit into her dance line outfit from high school.  Go Joanie!

The pub crew.  Now that is a way to get around a cork fee.  One huge bottle of wine and don't our guys look fine!

I pulled out all my 1980 gold jewelry for the occasion.  Remember add a bead necklaces?

Everyone loved the video my cousin put together, but especially the sisters and brother loved seeing the old and new family pictures.  Thanks for the copy for us to take home, Sue.

Oh, that crazy college kid and his body suit.  Notice the upstairs chair bows ended up as accessories.  

The super cute couple, still going strong!  Did I mention they are my favorite Aunt and Uncle?

And then the next day we had to pack and go home.  What a great time!  Thanks everybody!

Friday, July 27, 2012

The big 5 0 ! Fifty years of Marriage

If you have been following along, my favorite Aunt and Uncle invited us to Minnesota to join them in celebrating  their 50 years of marriage.  

Saturday was the day for a great lunch and fabulous dinner.  We were all told to wear something golden for the dinner.  My aunt wore something golden all weekend long.

Lunch started with Chicago Hot Dogs.  Why.. because after six years of dating Carole moved to Chicago for a new job.  No ring on her finger.  Well, Walt quickly moved to Chicago as well and as they say, the rest is history.  50 years of history later,  YAY, Aunt Carole, way to go.  One smart man, Uncle Walt.

The Nelson's, Carey, Walt, Carole, Sue, Mike

Beads imported from Louisiana from St. Patrick's Day Parade.

Me and my Aunt and cousin Carey.  Colleen bought the gold hair additions that I later cut short to match my hair length.  It was driving me crazy.  I kept thinking bugs were on me.

The girls found a salon in Stillwater that did their eye makeup.  

Paul and Donovan ready for Chicago Dogs.  They were delish!

More eye treatment.

Next up the golden dinner....

Thursday, July 26, 2012

The reason we gathered in Minnesota

Fifty years of marriage.
Six years dating before that. 
Add love and family.
Invite them to a huge party weekend.
Create and share memories for a lifetime.

Where we gathered....

We called it a diamond in the rough.

We walked the grounds and found this road that led to  THE TITANIC CAR!  Could have been in the movie... well probably not.

Can you believe this workshop? How do they find anything?

Up next our final party day and Chicago Dog luncheon and why. 

Stillwater, Minnesota

Day two of the 50th Anniversary Weekend had us travelling to Stillwater, MN.  We all met for lunch there and then headed to our final weekend destination.  Ten minutes out of Stillwater we stayed at the Outing Lodge. 

My guy and my sister's guy.... Lynn and Chris
and... you get to see my natural curly hair.  Minnesota is humid!

Oh, let's walk up these stairs.   The below picture is what we thought was the top of the stairs.

They kept going, I didn't.

The river shot from halfway.  They said it was a great view from the top, but their calf muscles hurt worse than mine the next day.

A candy store sign sucked me in for the "best turtle candy in MN".  Save your cash, I'm just saying.  

Pretty old downtown.

They named a street after the Nelsons!

It rained perfectly during our lunch stop.

Do you have kids that entertain themselves this way?

Wisconsin on the other side of the bridge.

The gold champagne glasses were a fun prop.

Tony didn't eat his fries, but he did eat a big bowl of ice cream.

The men found a downstairs room with the British Open on TV.  

From here we headed to our final destination.  The Outing Lodge.

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