Thursday, September 29, 2011

So what came home with me?

We all agreed on our trip to Round Top that it was more about the conversations and just hanging out together.  But, I did bring a few little treasures home with me.  

Two things were on my list a metal stool for outside by hubbies potting bench.
Can you believe the one above was at the very first booth we stopped at.  Marked $40.00, I asked if they would take $30.00.  Mine.  It is even better in person.

I call these my Americana moments.  Rusty wonderful metal case, the price on the tag was all faded out, so I knew he had had it for a while. I think it said $15.00, he said he could do $13.00, I asked how about $10.00.  Mine.

I think the case will be fun filled with coke and ice on the fourth of July.  The red little metal chair I can see stacked with Christmas presents by the tree, outside with a plant on top, front porch little chair or maybe in the kitchen with tea towels hanging from her arms.  This had no price, I could see top dollar because we were in a real industrial part of Warrenton.  When I asked the guy how much, he said "for that expensive chair",  I knew then I wouldn't be taking her home.  But, when he said $10.00... Mine.

These are really tiny, I guess finger bowls. One is cracked and I will use it as a business card holder at work.  He wanted $20.00 for all three, but with the cracked one he said he would take $15.00.  Mine.

Not on my list, but I have wanted angle wings for some time. I think I may white wash them before hanging them on a wall inside the house.

This was my final purchase of the trip.   I wanted you to see a close up of this plant holder.  See the middle section, it is the side cap from an aisle seat at a New York Theatre.  At least that is the story I was told and I was sold.

Stay tuned... I bought my first can of Annie Sloan chalk paint. CoCo !
The booth owner told me I had to have the newest thing out the plastic pour spout sealer thingy.

Next up more on Chalk Paint and tips.  (Which I will be trying out this weekend on several projects.)  I hope it is as great as everyone says.

I almost forgot, my sister Jill brought us all a little sussie.  From Red Door in Baton Rouge.  She reminded my sister Joanie and I of our own Aunt Carole.  Every time we had a family get together, oh every year or sometimes every other year (she is in Minnesota we lived in Louisiana), Aunt Carole would always pull out surprises from her suitcase.  What a great memory and one we now can continue from her inspiration.  Love you, Aunt Carole.

For more on Round Top, Texas go here and here.  There is also a label from past years.

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Junk Gypsy and a filming

While shopping at Round Top, TX I wandered away from the group for a few minutes.  When I got back Kayla, Melissa, Joanie and Ann Marie were being filmed in the Junk Gypsy tent in Warrenton, TX.  They are going to have a show on HGTV soon.  Really hope they will pick our girls for one of the segments.  One of the questions was "how did you find this place?" of course not to be left out I jumped in front of the group and said "I brought them here first".  On my disclosure form the guy had written across the bottom of the page.... lady who jumped in front.  

Pictures of the shoot below.

HGTV tent was right next door.

Inside the Junk Gypsy tent filming. See the fuzzy microphone at the top of the photo.

Way fun part of the trip.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Lovely Blog friend ladies who should have been at Round Top

I was reminded of friends I have made through blogging as I shopped Round Top, TX Antique week.
I have added a link below each so you too can go and visit them and take a look around their place too.

I'll let you try and guess first... If the first picture doesn't have you knowing this lady, the last one should.  You see cigar boxes and balls of twine, not "MJ".

Not Mamie Jane... go here to see her amazing imagination put into action.
Mamie Jane's

Because of this blogger I went to Round Top with a dough bowl on my list to find.  They were either too expensive or not the right size.  But "K" has a savvy style that makes the ordinary extraordinary.

I have to admit I am jealous. I added the below picture with the above because these two ladies have actually met in person, the flesh, shook hands, hugged.  Not fair.
One of them takes any painted piece of iron, wood.. you name it and changes the color almost with every  season change.  This chair reminded me that "D" would make it look fabulous.  The chair did come home with me.  I see Christmas presents stacked on her (the chair) not "D".

They both have incredible talent and have used the below amazing Annie Sloane paint on wonderful projects.  Yes, a whole booth full of paint!  I finally got to purchase some and have the newest attachment for the can.  Just on the market.  I'll show you with my final haul post.  I got a new color too, CoCo.

Two of the first blogs I ever go and follow them too, you won't be disappointed that you did.   Kim at Savvy Southern Style and Debbie at Debbidoos blogging and blabbing.

I can't walk by a pig of any kind now without thinking about "L".  She would have grabbed these little cement ones.
If you are a pig collector or want great recipes... Here you'll find Lynn at Happier than a Pig in Mud.

This next lovely lady mentioned how hard it is to find purple transferware.  She was at Brimfield recently and she was right.  I only saw about three pieces at Round Top.  We also only shopped about 1 / 10 of the fields.

Have you been to her home.  Such gorgeous design and comfort.

Amy at Maison Decor - go take a long look at her website and Brimfield trip !  Call me next time Amy, I will try and meet you there.

And in the end, I mean make no butts about it, gosh this blogger would have come up with a much clever title for the below picture.  Come on "M" - leave your creative comment below for all to see.  You know you want to.

She brings a smile to my face with every post and what an amazing wood crafting, cutting, designing woman.  She creates like crazy while keeping up with her brood of butt munchers.  Yep, that is what she calls them.  I haven't figured that one out yet. Also, she always gives you a warning not to look at admire her hubbies behind either.

For the best of her best go here Mandi at Tidbits of the Tremaynes - her header will drop you pants.

and for a real belly laugh follow them on a road trip here...

I know crazy but there will be part four to Round Top  - HGTV filming at Junk Gypsey.  We had to sign disclosures. Ya'll come back now, ya here.  But leave comments below on what you think of the my friends above and if you know any of them.  Leave a comment on their site too, we all love that you know.  

Round Top, Texas Antique Week (s)

Antique Week "officially" starts on a Tuesday.  But, the week before most vendors are set up and selling. My friend Jane invited me to meet a bunch of Baton Rouge ladies at Round Top and shop with them about four years ago.  I was hooked and have gone back every year since.  

There is no way to explain Round Top you just have to experience it.  Bucket list ladies.  Just like Brimfield is on my list to attend one day.  A girl can dream.

This little boat was dry docked all the way from Coney Island, New York, I think I may have taken a ride in that one when I was there as a child.

Now, can't you just imagine yourself here.  Join me in shopping and fun below.

Ann Marie bought a suitcase from this vendor, when the vendor found out they were all teachers she told them each to choose a pillowcase for free!

Part Three coming up.  A fun post on how since becoming a blogger,  when I go shopping I see friends I have never met (in person) everywhere.  When you see cute, funny, beautiful paper napkins you think of me don't you?

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Monday, September 26, 2011

We got there - Round Top Part One

It took us right under four hours to drive.  We decided to leave at 5AM.  Dallas to Giddings, TX and then check into our hotel.  Twenty more minutes and we were at the fields.

We took and filled two pick em up trucks and an SUV.  This was our first rest stop on the way down.
Here is our group of girls (notice empty shopping bags, cute clothes, clean feet).  It is just 10AM.  Due to the Texas drought there was lots of dust and dry grass blowing around.  By the end of the day we were happy, tired, glowing and coated with five - six layers of Texas dirt.

Kayla, me, Kali, Ann Marie, Melissa, Joanie, Jill and Emma

Let the shopping, bidding, buying and lauging begin.  Fun trailers everywhere that the vendors live in for two weeks.

HGTV was there and more on our filming later.  One of our group said that Nate Burkis had talked about Round Top.  No Nate sightings for us though.  I don't know if he was there or not.

Just a peek of the load of fun coming home with us.  Stay tuned and come back for Part Two.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Napkins I'm taking to Round Top

Can you see them?

Eat now for tomorrow we diet!

My diet starts back on Monday after a weekend at Round Top!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

In love with Weddings

Did you know I have a little business on the side?  Yes I work full time for a major (American) airline company.  But my creative love is flowers ....  Go here to see a wedding I did a couple months ago.

Thanks Allison Davis Photography for sharing her amazing pictures.

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Friday, September 16, 2011

Round Top Revisited

Right around the corner!  You will find me here.

A place to find new ideas

Among the clutter

To relax and talk and eat

and picnic under the trees

and bring treasures and memories home

Round Top, TX here we come
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