Saturday, August 25, 2012

Sausage Cream Cheese Crescents

These are so easy, yummy and makes a bunch.  These Pinterest inspired treats will be on my list for easy company breakfast items or party appetizers.  

I used one 16 ounce package of "hot" ground sausage. Use mild if that is what your taste buds like.  You brown the sausage and then while it is hot add one 8 oz. block of cream cheese.  I used low fat, so I could have an excuse to eat more than one or two or... oh well. 

You then open two tubes of crescent roll dough and cut each triangle in half.  Place about a half teaspoon of the meat mixture in the center and roll.  I placed seam side down and then you bake in a 375 degree oven for about 15 minutes, until they are golden.  

I had this much meat mixture left over, I froze the left overs and plan to use for breakfast when I have company in a few weeks.  So buy three tubes of crescent rolls.  You can get another 16 rolls out of one batch.  

Pinterest inspiration:

You will need:
One 16 oz tube of ground sausage
I used Jimmy Dean hot
One 8 oz cream cheese block - any brand
3 tubes of refrigerated crescent roll dough - any brand
(A stick to fight people off from eating them before you can get them to the table)
Will make 48 rolls.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Mirror project

One more project out of the way in the master bath.  I used my new miter box and saw and cut down a purchased frame from Hobby Lobby's clearance aisle. 

See the frame was a bit too big.

Measured very carefully.

Changed out the bulky plastic frame holders for some flat ones that won't show.

I know the trend is to take these down and add two individual mirrors.  But I like the huge mirror.  By the way, when you don't want to be in your mirror picture you can sit on the floor and get the up angle shot.  Next up change out those gold faucets!  And a new tub and shower surround and new flooring and .... Yikes.

I played around with some of the stuff on the counter top.  

Doesn't everyone have silver and French Limoges china on their bathroom counter top?  

Frame - Hobby Lobby 90 percent off 24.00
Sears miter box and saw - $10.00
Silver pedestal server - Round Top, TX
Limoges - Round Top
Cream pedestal plate - gift from a fellow blogger

Monday, August 13, 2012

Baby Crib Dust Ruffle

Ann Marie decided on a flat dust ruffle.  Our favorite fabric was the love fabric.  We added a simple ruffled edging.  

If you noticed no mattress yet.  They just got the bed (s).  She will be using white or khaki mattress sheets.
I hand ruffled the edge on my machine.  I bought 10 yards of silk ribbon.  I won't use it all for two sets. Just push, gather and sew.  

Once the bedroom is complete, I'll be back with a nursery post.

Oh, and with some fabric scraps, I made a patchwork neckroll pillow that will fit nicely at their back as they rock the babies in the glider in the nursery.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Baby Bumper Pad tutorial

This is a gift of love.  But if you can sew a straight stitch you too could make a custom Crib bed set.

First carefully cut your selected pieces of fabric.  Ann Marie wanted an ivory, khaki and white color bedding.  

Here is all the pieces you need for one bumper.  Remember she is having twins, I had to make two sets.

We started with a plan.

Cut your pieces to form the backs and fronts of the bumpers.  I did have to trim a few to the correct dimensions. 

After sewing the strips together, I added a pre-ruffled ribbon to the tops of all four sides.  Pin rights sides together.

This is how is looked after the ruffle was added.  Then I finished sewing the other two sides.  I flipped it back to rights sides together and sewed the long side and one end closed.

Finished block patterns with ruffle.

I then inserted an IKEA bumper form to give the sides some stability.

The messy part.  I stuffed each section with polyfill.  I bought a huge box of the stuff on clearance at Michael's.  On the long sections I left an opening that I hand-stitched closed once it was stuffed.  

I added satin ribbon to the corners and middle to attach to the crib.

This is the side that you will look into the crib and see.

Next up the dust ruffle.  You have to have one of those too.

Here is sneek peek of the other finished set on one of the cribs.

I used - for two sets including a flat (not ruffled) dust ruffle
Four yards of the love fabric
Four yards of the soft chenille
1 yard of the satin fancy (all that was left at the store)
2 IKEA bumpers

5 yards of ruffled fabric trim
12 yards of satin ribbon for ties

Another really great tutorial here, that I found on Pinterest.

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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Hadley and Layton's Party decorations

As I are some great party ideas that were from Ann Marie's first baby shower in McKinney.

The hostesses all pulled together vintage items, buttons, pearls and lots of flowers.  The table was the first thing you saw as you entered.  I couldn't wait and snapped a picture before all the food was ready.

How cute are these mason jars, that they presented to Ann Marie at the end of the shower.

Another delightful touch, see the old blocks with the twins first initials and buttons under a cloche on the left in the above photo.  An old scale held the plates.

There was a milk and cookies table.  

Monogrammed onesie cookies too.

Pink was used all over the place.

Favor bags filled with more cookies to take home!   

Also, as we departed, everyone could take a card with a prayer, each one was different.  Mine was for both parents to be.  The one above is for the expectant Mom.

One of their many maternity pictures.

Everywhere you looked there was a personal touch added. 

This was so sweet, cards to fill out to be added to her baby book.

The happy gorgeous couple, two and soon to be four.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

New generation of party hostesses

Boy oh boy can these girls throw a party!  Add a group of teacher friends, throw in some amazing creative women, take some inspiration from pinterest, great food, great presents, 30 people and you have one amazing baby shower. 

Here are a few of the people shots, the next post is all about the details.  Get ready for some awesome, creative, great eye candy. I think a lot of it they just home shopped.  Frugal and smart too.

Thanks, girls for being such good friends to Ann Marie.  Here she is with the five hostesses.

It was all about pink and Hadley and Layton.

Huge party, there were over 30 guests.  Only five didn't show that didn't reply.  It was regrets only.  Which do you think works better on invitations RSVP or regrets only?

Here is peek at the main food table.  Everything was delicious and yes I tried it all.  I didn't want to be a bad guest. 

Two way too young looking grand-mother's to be.  

Little tiny shoes always get the best reactions.  

Lots of monogram shops were busy the week before the shower.  And the below was just a few of the monogrammed things.  I guess we won't have any trouble telling which twin we are holding.

Sorry for the blurry shot, only good one of the four of us though.  Me, Melissa, Ann Marie and Lynley.

Ann Marie is at 27 weeks, but her doctor tole her that her size is a 34 week belly.  There are two growing and taking up space.  But she is all belly, from the back you wouldn't even know she is pregnant.  

We heart bellies!

Some ladies had left and then we tried to get a group shot.  Such a fun day.  I told hubby I would be gone about two hours... five hours later I made it home.  We had to go help unload and go through everything one more time!  

Up next the oh so wonderful party planners and the super extravagant shower decorations.  

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