Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Bloom 101 Party ~ Dallas area

You must go see the newest party idea in town. 

Here is a sneek peek!

Bloom101 parties ~ if you are in the Dallas area go here and plan one now!

Monday, August 29, 2011

I K E A towel apron project

These little beauties are soft, useful and cost under two dollars to complete.  I am using them for party favors.  Final apron picture at the end of the post.

I cut the ribbon cords in 22 inch strips for the ties.

I sewed each tie 4 inches down from the top of each towel.

The towels came in four patterns.  Once finished I tied them into a little bundle.
You flip down the four inch top margin and tie it around your waist.

Towels 4 for $3.49 each 88 cents
Ribbon for tie - 79 cent a yard
Time to sew two minutes


Party Favor Fun

If you are in the Dallas area, go here for a wonderful party idea.
Ooohlala Floral

Friday, August 26, 2011

You won't believe it either

Be prepared for the most amazing before and after of a girls dorm room.  Before I start let me say that I did buy my girls new comforters and desk supplies for their dorm rooms.  Plus one of those super cute little refrigerators and a new umbrella.

 This Mom went over the top for her youngest daughter's dorm room.  The older daughter, Shelbi,  helped shop and set everything up, she cheered with one of my twins.  Thought you would want to know the connections, because I feel really special that I know them.  One, they are great people and two, they are great designers.  Shelbi said I had to give her Mom all the credit.  But they both have the eye for design, like mother like daughter is so true here. 

Just take a look...


AFTER - yes I had to take a double take too.  I think the ceiling was the only thing they didn't change.

faux brick walls, doors, shutter, windows brought in
layers of color and texture
I would take all on-line classes if I had this dorm room.

I love this container thing that they found at an antique store in Abilene, Texas where the college is located.  

Here is a glimpse of a party Shelbi helped plan too.  A baby shower at a restaurant in Dallas.

Shelbi has a great event site to look at here
and her personal blog here has more on the dorm room and party.

Thanks Shelbi for letting me share the fun.

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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Grapevine Lake, Texas ~ last Friday night

One cool way to beat the 100 degree heat!  Get invited for a ride on our best friend's boat.

Houses on the lake aren't allowed to have docks?  Our group headed to the marina from Coppell.  I guess it helps to keep the land surrounding the lake natural looking.  Like the the above picture.

We headed out on a Friday about 7:00 PM, still about 102 degrees outside.

It is a pretty large sized lake, the Gaylord Texan Resort is at one end. 

Yes, I will be glad to live in the guest house at this place.  I promise to be quiet, you won't even know I am there.  

Another huge place on a cliff.

We headed to the "beach".  You just anchor and float.

Our gourmet dinner.  Hey, those are chick-fil-a nuggets! We went all out.

Sunset with friends and finished off with fireworks over the Gaylord Resort.  Great way to start our weekend.  

I love the blue boat! We are keeping our calendar free every Friday night, just in case we get a call to cool off and start another weekend the right way!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Burlap curtains

One panel of my daughter's curtains are up.  Please don't look too closely we are amateurs.

They are nine foot burlap panels with a twenty inch topper.  She used these iron holders to clip them to.  The toppers have triple pleats across the top.
They are lined of course.  I know that is an extra step and expense, but it is so worth it.  The true color of the fabric you choose shows and they do not fade.  

She just has to hang three more and she we are done.  My sewing machine and sewing basket are back home now.   Grand-mothers if you are reading this, she and her sister both need sewing kits.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Saturday morning project

You know I was having a dinner party last Saturday, so I just had to paint the hardware on the front door, while Lynn painted a fresh coat of seal black on the inside.

Took us about maybe an hour.  Done and went food shopping for the party!

Primed, oil rubbed bronze spray paint

Before above, after below

DONE!  It's the little things. that drive me nuts

Monday, August 15, 2011

Stop me someone please !

What are you currently collecting?
Mine is white or ivory creamers.  Actually I am done I mean it collecting them.  But let me share some of them with you.  They make great groupings.

Fill a basket...

or holders for spoons...

My Goodwill creamers, they were someones Grandmother's now mine... .79 cents each for these little beauties below.

Maxxiniesta - thanks TJMaxx

Who would have thought my first newlywed everyday china would be my first piece of the collection.
Johnson Brothers

My favorite GW piece, with pinks and gold touches.

My sweet mother-in-law handed down these super large pitchers.  Creamers on steroids.

Both lovely English ladies.

I have a Christmas inspired one, way up high on top of my cabinets.  It adds a nice burst of color.

I thought I was done, over, no more collecting and then sigh, this little Scottish wench just called out to me to be taken home.  Found her in Louisiana at my Mom's 75th birthday celebration in Breaux Bridge.

I'm done, finished....well maybe.  Anyone need to borrow them let me know.

Update on the below creamer, Tanya in her comments below noted ~~

You probably already know this, but the last white pitcher with the crest on the front is the flag from my home province of Nova Scotia, Canada!!!  Thanks, Tanya

She is a Canadian cutie! Not Scottish.  
Adderley Fine Bone China, England
Nova Scotia Tartan is the pattern on the bottom of the creamer.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

The big blank wall

Do you hate or love a big blank wall?  I was told by hubby and (interior decorator daughter) that something needed to be done.  They are both out of town this weekend, so here goes.

First ~ the wall.  Raining in Texas this morning YAY.  Sorry pictures so dark.

Then add chairs ~ two dining room chairs and pillows.

Add a zinc table and impromtu bar area.

Love my thrifty find of the week, the mirrored cake/anything plateau with the black and gold harlequin pattern.  Hoblobby $50.00 for 90 percent off, $5.00 gotta holla. 

Finish off with round, tiled mirrors.  IKEA clearance.  

Great mirrors with a band of mirrored tiles surrounding the edges.

I went with two. Total make-over $24.98.  Yes the mirrors were on sale for $9.99.

Before / After
What do you think?

Hmmm, I think I am going to drape the table.  Maybe next weekend.

Enjoying the rain and cooler temperatures.  Koi pond is full, life is good.

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