Saturday, May 31, 2014

Beach trip 2014

Our beach trip this year was a tremendous success.  We stayed in the red house again at Gulf Shores.

There was napping....

I told Melissa that Raylyn looked like a cupie doll.  Melissa had no idea what I was talking about.

There was sun and lots of fun.

Oh please, someone take this same shot every year!  Daddy ~ daughter time!

AND, Mommy ~ daughter time.  Dad is really taking a heavy nap in the background!  Raylyn is ready for one too.  

We had our very own cowboy on the beach! Silver rattle in his hand too.  Now that is a great Daddy.

Many moments just like this one.  

Who needs expensive toys when you have a solo cup?  

A little sand car.  Not a favorite of Raylyns.


and more gorgeous!


and done... well at least we tried.

 Layton and Poppa time.

This is exactly how most of our days were spent.

Napkins I used all week.

Lynn found this angel wing shaped piece of a sand dollar.  Perfect, as our family trip was such a blessing.  

Monday, May 26, 2014

Been away for a much needed vacation

Happy Memorial Day 2014

Guess where we have been?

Now off to a friend's backyard for a holiday get together!  

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Great Weekends

Some weekends are just better than others.  This past weekend ~ I got to party in downtown Dallas, fly to Louisiana to visit Moms and more family.  Then back home, to spend time with my daughter's for Mother's Day.  I never moved once, after I hit the bed and fell asleep on Sunday night.  Great, great weekend!

 I made each daughter a Mother's Day arrangement.  It was Melissa's first Mother's Day and she made the comment... this is great!  It is like another birthday!  (only I think it is better, because you celebrate with great women all over the world)  

If you are ever near Coppell, TX. You have to try this bakery.  And don't leave without a piece of gooey buttercake!  

Cousins cruisin' on a Sunday afternoon.  Raylyn's first wagon ride too.  

Hadley took off running as soon as we got to "her" park.  I think she and Layton spend lots of time here.

Layton was determined to get to the top of the huge slide.  Those steps are bigger than her! 

Thanks Aunt Melissa for riding down with her.

The whole family "just a swingin".

Raylyn's smile says it all.  It was a wonderful weekend!  

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Wedding flowers...

Each table arrangement was a bit different.  The night of the event they were surrounded with a matching votive, the color of the sea holly.

Each arrangement held, roses, sea holly, stock, seeded eucalyptus and a variety of greens.

The bouquets were the same flowers and I added Star of Bethlehem, rosemary for a loose natural shaped bouquet. 

All greenery boots equals fresh and fun. Babies breath flower girl headpieces, just precious.  

I can't wait to see the photographer pictures!

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