Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Bubble Bath Wisdom

source unknown

As babies
We start out in those sink tubs and graduate up.  I remember at my grand-mothers house they would bring up pots of hot water from the kitchen to warm the water.  Did they not have hot water upstairs?  Or maybe just not enough in the water tank to heat a bath.

source unknown

Then in our teenage years and twenties we wouldn't dare have time to take a bath.  Showers were it.  We needed the extra time for hair and makeup.

unknown source

In our thirties
We spent most of our time on our knees hunched over the tub, scrubbing little ones.
 Mr. Bubble ruled the day.  Once we cleaned the tub, we were too tired to get in one ourselves.

source unknown

In our forties
We quickly learned that as soon as the kids fell asleep, we could grab a plastic wine glass of iced down cheap chardonnay, lock the door and quickly fill the tub with whatever was on hand, Mr. Bubble leftovers or Bath and Body works "buy two get one free" bubble bath.  We always kept those on hand for impromptu teacher's gifts.
We would also light leftover Christmas candles, evergreen wonderful scent anytime of the year, right?

Ten minutes later the kids are knocking on the door "Mom what are you doing?  I need a drink of water? Dad said to come get you."

source unknown

In our fifties
We take our time to light our very expensive scented candles, and then we have such a decision to make as to which bubble bath to use.  Hmm... I think Body Truffles will do, Decadent Chocolate mint, bubble bath syrup. Imported from Canada.  I will soak in chocolate. (can't eat it anymore, unless it is dark chocolate)  All the while I enjoy an equally expensive glass of red wine, (I take the whole bottle to the bathroom, just in case you know)
While I am soaking I think maybe I need to have a chandelier installed above the tub!

Not one interruption, Calgon take me away.... I remember that commercial because I am in my fifties!  Oh darn, now you know I am in my fifties!  (Very early I might add)

I really have the chocolate mint one, wonderful!  Thanks Tuesday Morning.

Now it's your turn..
What's your favorite part of a soaking bath?  Mine has jets!
What will I need for a bath in my coming years? I know a grab bar to help me out of the tub would be great.  Do those come in designer colors? Scented candles and bubbles not necessary, will I be able to smell them?  I'll be on a budget again so I'll use no scent wax tea lights.  My masseuse said to add epson salt while soaking for aches and pains.  I 'm not there quite yet.

Your turn... let me know your thoughts and favorite tub tales.

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Rain can be good, hail and winds can be bad

New grass loves the rain

Can you see the rock formation that hubby created with a 150 pound moss rock?!

Can you see hubby? He does all the yard work too!

Fish don't mind the rain.

I am amazed and love this asian fern that comes back every year.

The confederate jasmine is in bloom.

My Mother's Day hydrangea is still growing.

I do take my pillows in out of the rain.

Enjoying the backyard sitting area only in the sunshine, just perfect.

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Friday, May 20, 2011

I can't hear you!

No really, I have a new ear problem.

It all started by going to a loud jazz festival and by mistake I walked in front of a humongous speaker.  My ears started ringing.  Well more like a thousand crickets off in the distance.   So of course I went straight to Dr. Google.  It seems I have tinnitus.  It also seems there is no cure.  There are many reasons it starts, possibly the older age and loud music is what started mine.  But stress, diet and aspirin over use can bring it on.  Usually does not go away.

One person said they let a couple drops of saline solution sit in their ears.  I did that, but by mistake I used a q-tip afterwards.  I think the wax loosened and then I lodged it back into my ear.  I then had pretty much no hearing in my left ear.  I used an ear wax removal system all week (helped to get about 50 percent of my hearing back and the crickets came back too) and then I headed to Dr. Real.  They actually did what I was doing at home hydrogen peroxide and water solution, but they kind of high powered it into my ear.  I can hear totally fine now.  They want me to use nose spray and try and dry up my sinus in case I have any middle ear fluid.  Then onto an e.n.t doc was their next suggestion.

I have a new appreciation for people with hearing loss.  I would always have to be on someone's right side to hear better and TV had to be turned up a little louder. Sorry family.

Now about those crickets... I think they may be here to stay!  Any suggestions?  

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Louisiana Cookin' Dinner

We live in Texas, but need some good home cookin' every now and then.  The Louisiana Cookin' magazine helps us out with great ideas for recipes.  

Here is how easy it is. And your house get's totally cleaned before the party! An extra plus.

Choose recipes and ask neighbors to each bring one.

Our menu

Assorted fruit, cheeses and crackers
Crawfish corn chowder
Chicken and Sausage Jambalaya
Jelly Pepper Coleslaw
French bread
Upside down Apple-Pecan Pie

Red and White wines
Coffee, Sweet Tea, Coffee infused Patron over ice with a splash of cream

Let the good time roll!

Our family Jambalay recipe.. it's a secret.

Clean house and set table...not so fun, then the fun part.

Some of my silver napkin ring collection being put to use.

Everyone gets their own individual salt and peppers.

I am so enjoying this oval shapped cake stand from Laurie Anna's Vintage in Canton.

A few flowers here and there and ...

Start cookin'

enjoy an easy evening with friends.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

I'm so glad people make donations

Then I get to come across them at a Goodwill or a resale shop.  

Here are my latest little finds.

Frankoma pottery piece, love the western branding.  This was a company from Oklahoma, they have since gone out of business.  

The below was all taped together, I just wanted the bottom piece.

It is way tiny, see below, it is the mini me to the larger one I found about two months ago.

This basball crytal votive is heavy.  I don't know the mark on the bottom, do you?

This just because it had Made in the USA and we are supposed to be boycotting imports this month.
Plus it was green and transferware, it might go with my Christmas plates I have been collecting. The Old Curiosity Shop.  Hmmm, makes me curious?

Small blueish vase from Italy, got it just cause it was cute!

I was hoping these would shine up with silver polish, some vintage cocktail glasses.  A set of six.  Silver and shiny after a little polishing.  The before and after below.

Now here is the fun part.

Frankoma plate $1.49
Taped together glassware - $1.49
Crystal Baseball holder - $1.49
Green plate - 75% off .62 cents
Small blue glass jar - $1.49
Silver rimmed glasses - .59 cents each

My favorite thing - the plate.  I do live in Texas ya'll.

Google reader

Do you use google reader?  I do when I have a ton a blog catching up to do.  You can wiz through them a lot faster, I haven't learned how to leave a comment there though.  

Another thing I learned using google reader, your header is such a part of you. You see G reader doesn't show your blog header or backgrounds, just pictures and fonts.  It is amazing how I relate your blog header and background to you.  Sometimes I have to re-read the title and name to remember who is posting.  

If you use google reader and have learned any tricks let me know.  Lori

Friday, May 13, 2011

Swiss Avenue Tour

I got to spend last Sunday with my three girls.  We toured some of the Swiss Avenue homes in Dallas and then had lunch at The Porch on Henderson Avenue.  I told the girls not to get me any gifts for Mother's Day that spending time with them was enough!  But I did get flowers, organic herbs to plant, chocolate and an azalea bush too.  This was "the" neighborhood 100 years ago and still is today.  One of the homes is being lived in by the third and fourth generation.  

I wish I had taken pictures of the outside of these homes, but left my camera in the car.  It was a gorgeous day, You could hop on and off the shuttle buses and horse drawn carriage rides.  We walked and Lynley got sunburned.  

This was one of the smaller homes on Gaston Avenue and below is what is left of the flowers from Melissa.  Thanks Ann Marie, Melissa and Lynley!  

Found this favorite thing at Goodwill, Pottery from London, almost 100 years old.  See it all here.

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