Thursday, October 7, 2010

MY HAUL... Round Top, Texas 2010

After three days at Round Top, TX Antique Market... here is what I brought home.
My first two purchases.  A "just like my Mom's" ice bucket and a small blue jar with a metal clasp.

I didn't have a small jar, it was priced $6.00, and I asked the guy is this six and he said he would take $5.00.  Haha... Round Top starts out great.

Little wooden box

Tiny wooden stool

Wooden bread basket, I got half price.

Cute, new votive holders with beaded trim.  I got three for the Thanksgiving table.

Story of the ice bucket and photo tip.
My Mom got an ice bucket like this as wedding gift. I have asked for her to let me take it home several times.  She wasn't ready to part with it yet.  My sister saw this one in a booth, I have seen them before too for $60 plus.  This one was marked $22.00 and the guy in the booth said everything 30% off!  $16.00 score!  Saw one the next day for $68.00!  My Mom can will her's to one of my other sisters.

Photo tip:  Donna at Funky Junk Interiors gave a tutorial on point and shoot camera's.  She said to use the timer to avoid blurry pictures.  See me in bucket with the camera on a coffee cup tripod.  This was a timer shot.

Small hotel china creamer.  Note the fleur de lis pattern.  That is what got me to buy her.

Silver Reed and Barton Bowl and a silver butter dish

 I have started collecting red and white transfer ware.  I bought three, had one.  I can set one table for four now.

Till next time.  I hope you enjoyed my Round Top Adventure. The weather here is finally cooled off, 1st Monday trade days in Canton is calling... But Round Top got all my extra cash this time.

For more Round Top pictures and posts, see my labels.

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  1. Lori, I love all your old wooden items and what a score on the ice bucket. See patience paid off. I have a blue jar just like that one. I hear ya about the cash flow. We have had to cut back since redoing the driveway and then my husband's tooth broke and had to have a crown done and then my dryer quit working. Ugh!! I want to go to the flea markets. I have a couple of new things, but had to pass up a lot.

  2. Hi Lori! I love your finds! Great score on the ice bucket! I remember those. My favorite, of course, is the red transferware plate! lol I scrolled through your Round Top posts and did a little virtual shopping. Too bad it's so far away for me! Have a great weekend!...hugs...Debbie

  3. I sneaked onto mu aunt's laptop to see what you bought. Nice haul. I recently bought a blue jar similar to the one you have. I live it. Did you buy the tin Jack-o-Lantern there? It's awesome! I like the transfer ware too. La

  4. Your treasures are all wonderful. Love all the beautiful wood pieces. Great finds. Hugs, Marty

  5. Lori, thanks so much for linking up with the Simple Pleasures series today. What a wonderful post! I love all of your finds.

  6. The bread basket is my absolute favorite, but the ice bucket is a very close second. How wonderful! You definitely had a good day!

  7. Looks like you did pretty good! I like the little beaded votives a lot; so cute. I've always liked the red/white transferware too.

  8. I love getting a deal and you got one great deal. These are awesome.

  9. love that tiny wooden stool and wood box ... very cool. what fun finds!

  10. I LOVE that red plate! I'm always on the look out for red and white patterns (matches my kitchen), but I never had a name for them before!

  11. Lori, fun to see what you found at Round Top. I only had one day to shop this year, but I found plenty. I think you and I may have shopped at some of the same booths. ;-)
    I got two wooden boxes. Is your box square? ~ Sarah

  12. Love seeing all your treasures and scores. My favorite is the ice bucket like the one your mom has. I need to learn how to use a timer. My little reflection is ALWAYS staring back from shiny things.

    Joining from Simple Pleasures. I truly enjoyed seeing yours.

  13. Hi Lori-
    I just found you blog this morning while having coffee and I am so glad I did.
    I am a Texas blogger, and I missed Round Top this fall, but I will be there next spring.
    My daughters and I go at least once a year.
    I enjoyed visiting and am now a follower.

    White Spray Paint

  14. When I saw "Round Top" mentioned, I immediately thought of Sarah (Hyacinths/Soul) & wondered if you two were there at the same time.

    You really found some GREAT treasures!

    Loved the photos of your girls with their grandfather. I must remember to capture more of those moments before its too late. Thanks for the kick in the arse!

  15. Oh, how fun! You scored big!

    What a great deal on the ice bucket~and I love the little votive holders.


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