Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Goodwill hunting and a blogger photo upload problem

Why did I never go into a Goodwill stores before now...
Why... because I didn't blog and get jealous of what other people were stumbling across...

Both of these beauties I picked up for a mere 99 cents each.

This one is my favorite, it is stamped Syracuse China (old hotel china I think)

I have a problem, I was going to show you where they ended up in a vignette, but blogger photo upload is saying I am out of free space and have to pay to upload?  Has anyone else come across this problem?
Help please....

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  1. Cute pitchers! I have not encountered that Blogger problem and hope I don't! I'll check back to see if anyone knows about it, I'm curious now:@)

  2. They are both adorable. I love your comment on your jealous of their finds. Isn't that the truth. ;) What I'd love to know is where everyone stores their many treasures. I'm thinking I need an extra barn just to store all my treasures I have and want to have. ;)

    I've not come across that problem yet either..but then I'm new here and haven't sent up many photos yet.

  3. Nice pitchers and great price. I have not had that problem and sure hope I don't. I never heard of that. I have certainly uploaded a ton of photos. I thought all of blogger was free!

  4. Welcome to the dark side!! Once you enter thrift stores and find some beautiful bargains you will be hooked!!
    I haven't had that blogger problem either. Hope it resolves itself.

  5. Yeah, I'm hooked on thrift stores too. Like I didn't have enough addictions, lol.

    I haven't heard of that issue with blogger either. Hmmmm.....

  6. I think I have a pitcher like that!

    I upload pics ALL the time and I haven't received any errors like that :(

  7. This is the third post I've read this week regarding the same problem. La

  8. I've been looking around for your problem just a might read here...

    Seems there is a storage limit.

  9. Thanks Kim, best info yet. I think I need to find another way to upload my photos. Any suggestions out there? How do you load yours?

  10. Found some more things out:

    Different Ways to Share: Using Picasa Web Albums with Blogger

    Picasa Web Albums - From here once you are logged in (I logged in with my email I use for my blog and my blog albums where there) you can click on your album and individually delete photos if you want. I found the delete under the edit after I individually clicked on the photo. When you delete them though they will disappear from your blog. I did not try this though.... Just showing you what I be careful if you try this. ;)

    I figure if I run out of room I will probably just use photobucket to link my pictures. Although if your a highly viewed blog your bandwidth for your pictures may be used up too.

    Just thought I'd show you what my detective skills found

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  12. Hmmm I thought Blogger was free too. How frustrating. But I adore the little floral pitcher!!

  13. WOW!! How great that is that they were only 99 cents!! Good for you!!


  14. Great finds...and very cute pitchers! Happy Halloween!!!

  15. Great finds. And yes, once you start thrift storing you are addicted. It only takes one good find and then you're history. Hope you get your photo problem fixed.

  16. great finds! love roaming around in Goodwill!

  17. Such cute pitchers...thanks for sharing them at NTT! I have not had this problem...hope you get it fixed soon:)


  18. Lori cute pitchers, I like the solid creamware.

    Come and see my latest find, I would love your thoughts!

    Art by Karena

  19. My D.I.Law and I just went to the local goodwill Sunday and it was so good, got some books for little Matthew Man and the Hubs too, I have to do that more often to hopefully come across stuff like you did


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