Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Silverplate and shopping deals!

We have a Horchow Final Call - another name for clearance!  I stumbled on their family and friends 30% off the lowest price sale.  Also since I couldn't attend Round Top, TX flea market this show I had to hit up an antique mall close by home.  Here are my deals steals.

The Antique Mall first.

Rows and rows of booth after booth

Fiesta ware and funky hat tree

I brought home...
These two bowls, Haviland Limoge - I asked the mall owner to call the seller to ask if she would take $15.00 for both small bowls.  Since they were marked down already from $18.00 a piece, she said she didn't think so, but always ask... I got two for $15.00.

75 percent off on this sweet glass dish made it $2.00

This tiny thing was called a small cheese dish.  But, I will use it for a small cloche or butter dish.  $3.88 the price, sold to me!

I'm talking small, that is a cutie tangerine inside.

Now onto Horchow Final Call

Remember my everyday hammered stainless? I don't know how but pieces of it have walked away from my silverware drawer.  Well they had random pieces.

These are Wallace Silverplate and it is almost a twin pattern to my Christofle Silverplate.  They only had four, I did dig through the tray they were in to make sure I got them all.

Fun serving spoon.  Louisiana style.

All eight pieces were less than $8.00 after the extra friends and family discount.
I know, lucky me, if you are in the Dallas area, this store is next to Neiman Marcus at the Grapevine Mills Mall.  Family and friends extra discount is over, but still good deals.

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Sunday, March 27, 2011

What would Mamie Jane or Three Ring Cottage do with it?

I found this in the bottom of my Easter decorations, go figure?  How it got there??? What would Jane at Mamie Jane's do with it?  What would Gina at Three Ring Cottage do with it?  What would you do with it?  What should I do with it?

This has to be my very first vintage purchase, I got it around 1981, the first year I was married.  Would you go buy six bottles of Coke and carry them home in this?  Carry it full to a picnic?  Was it a give away item to get you to try Coke?  I wonder?

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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Napkins I'm using now..

Boy, she is really artistic bored.

Screams spring and Easter

Hmmm, which is the real flower?

Happy Spring!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Music Festival Round Top Secret

I can't make it to the spring flea market in Round Top, TX, but I remembered from the last show, my sister and I found a music festival/area/conservatory there.  She has a neighbor who plays in the Dallas Symphony and he told her about this place.  It is amazingly secluded and a fabulous hidden gem.  Now remember Round Top, Texas boasts a population of 70, might be up to 80. 

Go here to find out more about this wonderful place, The Round Top Fesival Institute.

Here is glimpse of what we found off the beaten path.

I believe was a school moved to the property in the early 1980's.

We were the only ones on the property.  An employee finally approached us and gave us some information.  There is a summer teaching program and musicians attend from all over the world.  There are also concerts year round.  And a few bed and breakfast homes have been moved on site.

The first thing that made us get out of car was the church that had been moved here from LaGrange, TX. For recital performances.

All these photos were around the chapel grounds.  It can be rented for weddings.

New dorms are towards the back of the property.

A couple Victorian Bed and Breakfast homes have been moved onto the site.

Another garden beside the B and B.

Quiet, wonderful slice of heaven.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Hubby gets all the credit

My yard man, first and foremost my husband, does all the yard work.  He loves it, I think.  Well at least he doesn't complain.  He comes by it naturally, his Mom and Uncle were garden lovers.

Here is what spring and Lynn has brought to our yard.

Lynley said to throw out this dead stuff, but Lynn promptly pointed to the little green sprout.  This is a ginger plant, I think.

The rose is a climber, how did it get up in the oak tree?  I almost caught the blue hour, drat should have waited a few more minutes.

Ground cover got caught up in the freeze, we lost half of it. You can also see our horrible Texas dirt!  I am surprised anything survives in it.

I have wanted one of these for over twenty years.  Finally, bought one and will give it a try, a Tulip Magnolia.  The girls baby sitter, Mama Polly,  from when they were young had a gorgeous one in her front yard.

Just hanging around waiting for summer time!

Stop by and tell Cass at That Old House,  hi. She is looking out her window at this today!  She must need some cheering up.  New Jersey to Texas, what a difference!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Bargain hunting this week~I K E A and Goodwill

These 17 containers for 3.99, down from 4.99.

It doesn't look like much... then you pop open the package!

The 12 inch blue ceramic plates, 99 cents each.  I will be using them as chargers for the fourth of July  under my new white plates, I got in January from the same store.

Of course I added matching paper napkins.  The dark ones.

Comparison shopping - you could buy these...

First one Wisteria, second one Ballard Designs

Top one Wisteria - 179.00 sales price 89.00 plus shipping

Colored chairs - Ballard Designs 2 for 139.00 sale price 69.00 plus shipping

and yes,   Mine -14.99 each, you haul them home yourself.
They are seasonal, so go now if you have a store near you.

One of mine holds the laundry.  I bought two last year, went back for more and they were gone. Yay, this spring they are selling them again.  I now have four.  Perfect for around the card table. They fold and are easy to store.

I left these beauties behind, way cute, but so didn't need them. But would have been pretty cute with some Easter eggs in them.  I thought the set was little high at 5.99/set of three.

Onto my GW stop today, all the above were from I K E A.

A pewter mug, says Hand made in England,
Sheffield Pewter.  Oops, cleaned it right before the picture, water still inside, sorry.
Saw it on Ebay for $ 50.00.
 .99 cents at Goodwill.

I found the same white vase a couple months ago and now have two. Once again .99 cents.  I always feel like I am stealing stuff at Goodwill.

Love the tankard and love bargains even more!
And if you live near Frisco, TX go tomorrow to I K E A on an bargain run.

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