Monday, May 23, 2016

Lazy May days

We just have been hanging out around here.  We spent a fun time at our Coppell Food Truck Frenzy night.  But first, we had fun watching our number one in the nation Coppell Cowboys high school team play some baseball. 
 Yes, little girls still play ring around the rosie.  Of course, yes, I still have trouble with my white balance settings on my camera too.
 MissAllyAnn was all smiles.
 And anyone who is around her is too!

 "Papa took us to the slide and playground!"

 About twice a year, Coppell has a Food Truck Frenzy in the park.  Food trucks of all kinds are parked around the perimeter of the Farmers Market park.  My favorite was the Italian Sandwich truck.  The grands favorite was the shaved ice truck.
 We grabbed blankets, chairs and cookies!  We met some of the kids for dinner on the lawn.

 Just one more pic from the Mother's Day Tea at MissRaylyn's preschool. 
Lynn's Mom Nickie heads back to Georgia to spend some time with her other son's family.  Wow, 6 months does fly by fast!  We will miss her.

Friday, May 6, 2016

Mother's Day Tea with MissRaylyn

Look how precious and well behaved all these kids look.  Now you know when they are in their classrooms it might be a little different story.  Melissa asked Nickie and I to attend MissRaylyn's pre-school Mother's Tea.  How absolutely adorable is Raylyn with those pigtails and bows!

 The tea was fun and a wonderful presentation by the staff! 

At home I have begun to set the table for Sunday.  I am using Nickie's plates from her china pattern and the tea cups are all different and from my collection.  The green set below is my most recent purchase from Round Top. 

 My Round Top dough bowl is filled with creamers.
 This gold and green tea cup and saucer pictured below was the very first set that began my collection.

 Happy Mother's Day everyone!

Friday, April 22, 2016

Buffet styling complete!

Thanks to all of you that made the long wait to see the finished product. The buffet is in the perfect place and with help from MissLynley it is perfectly accessorized. Creamy dreamy white paint sets the mahogany top off amazingly.  Sherwin William Pure White is the paint color.
Remember the before pictures of this six foot long mahogany buffet?  You can see more of the before here.   A major Craig's list find for $200. It was so worth the hour drive to purchase her.
I normally would not paint over such gorgeous wood, but I had no family ties to this piece and that made it a little bit easier to paint. 
 This area is part of the "light and bright" project for our front two rooms.  My inspiration.. Less than Perfect Life of Bliss.

 This wall had an antique hall tree.  We will probably post the hall tree on Craigs List soon. The hall tree had just become a place to store the grands books and a stray jacket or scarf.
Now family get togethers will have a wonderful place for serving meals away from the always crowded kitchen.
 MissLynley helped me make the final decision on a lamp from Homegoods and I stumbled upon the mirror at Hobby Lobby.
 I was able to keep the original hardware, which I love.  And doesn't she have just the greatest legs?
  Who doesn't love a little extra storage too? It is amazing how a mirror will brighten and expand the feel of a room.
Up next there is only one area of the room left to brighten up a bit.  There is a red couch that needs to be sent to reupholster and maybe add a few cream colored side chairs too.  

Friday, April 15, 2016

Round Top ~ my top ten photo's .... or twenty....

If you have never been to Round Top, when you do go, you will see and feel a very different experience.  Round Top is experiencing a real estate boom and "outsiders" setting up permanent residence.  The "feel" is a changing with new warehouse type shopping.  The Warrenton area will still give you a look at what it used to be. It made me kind of sad.  Texas Monthly had a good article about the changes.
 If anyone knows where I can find the below horse head for less than $175.00, please let me know!
I must give you a tip to never to go to Round Top on the final weekend.  The place was pretty picked over and lots of vendors were already packing up on Saturday. Junkology was closed the entire Saturday.  

 Blue Hills is a super great area and they have built a few new pavilions.
 But alas, empty walls here too!

 Only one daughter, MissAnnMarie and one of my sisters were able to make the trip this year.  I can't remember the last time we had one on one time.  It was fabulous and I might have spoiled her a little.  

 "The Compound" is one of those new areas.  They did build eclectic barn type buildings.  It does draw you in.  We didn't purchase one thing in this cluster of five buildings.

 We all agreed we want a camp house or lake house where doors open on one full side like these!

 Down the road a bit we found tents more to our liking.  My thirtyish daughter did ask what the spools were!  Really she did!  Held one up and said "what are these?"
 See what I mean about things being picked over.   Some of the display walls were very bare. But, if you want a Chinese dragon head, Chinese checker board or a strong man bell ringer thing without the bell.  You can find it here.

 I wonder how long it took to make this denim rug and how fun is this table base?

 The red band uniforms caught my eye first and then the city name!  My college town of Ruston, LA. Yes, the owner of this booth grew up in Ruston and a girlfriend called her to see if she wanted the band uniforms for her shop.  Reminds me of 76 trombones and Music Man.

 We managed to fill the car, after several different load and unloads.  Then we found the least amount of traffic to hit the road for home!  It was more of a girls weekend than a shopping one, usually we are filled to the top of the car roof.
Till next time .... Round Top, Texas
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