Sunday, February 12, 2017

Yes or no?

The before...
I walk through this room one hundred times a day.  Then yesterday, I thought, why oh why is the china cabinet in a "time out" in the corner??
 So first, I shimmied it flat on the wall next to the windows.  No one noticed, then baby girl came over and immediately said... "Uh, no. It needs to be centered in the wall with chairs on either side."  MissLynley is my daughter with an amazing eye for detail and a minor in Interior Design.  It is very nice to have one of these in the family.  
So, this time, I requested help from hubby to shimmy the china cabinet further down the wall.
And yes, not one piece of Waterford was harmed in the making of this design.  #braveandveryslowly

Yes or no?  
Oh and MissLynley does not like the tea trolly with the lamp, but I love it and for now it stays. 
Maybe a lower lamp?  I need to shop the house.  

Friday, February 10, 2017

My Dad's old brass calendar

I love having old pieces around the house, family history pieces are even better!
I need to polish this little brass desk calendar.  It was my Dad's and I love knowing that he probably looked at and used it every day.  Right below it is a Waterford heart that my own sweetheart gave me.
 Thank you my blogger friend that hooked me onto the below book.  Adorable if you have little grands.  Since, their Lala keeps chocolate red foil covered hearts year round, we get to read it every time they come for a visit.  It is the last thing we do before they head out the door to go home.  They have to hold the candy heart and not eat it until Lilly fun.  We are working hard with the two year old to have patience.

 My sister gave me the above quote...for my birthday.  A jar of wrinkle cream would have been a nice  addition too!  The other side of the mantle has my homage to Paris.  We took the pink car picture while in Paris and a friend gave us the Paris heart picture.

 I love seeing the napkins I am using with an assortment of my tea cup collection that are all valentiney with the pink and red decor.  You can see a peek of my new kitchen chairs. IKEA, very sturdy and I highly recommend if you need new chairs. 
Happy Valentine's Day, have a great time and go out and love someone! 

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Roasted Cauliflower

Over the holidays my sister flew in town for a short visit and we had lunch at a new restaurant called 60 Vines. Really fun concept, they have over 60 wines on tap and food options that are amazing.  We had their fire pit oven roasted cauliflower appetizer.  On a previous visit I saw a table of men only come in for lunch and have only the cauliflower and another appetizer.  So, I knew it must be something good.  It was and is and my sister headed home to Baton Rouge and recreated the dish.

I present to you delicious Roasted Cauliflower with pesto sauce.
 You core the head of cauliflower, drizzle with olive oil, salt to taste and smear with Pesto.  I used a silicon brush to apply the pesto, your fingers will work just as well.
The presentation in a small iron skillet is fun, but any baking dish will do.  It is tender and yummy. Just pull apart with a fork and spoon to serve.  Served six adults with a meal and tiny leftovers. 

I am taking it tonight to a super bowl party!  Who says you only have to eat junk food at a party?!

Preheat oven to 400 degrees
Remove the core and leaves from the bottom of one head of cauliflower
I drizzled olive oil on the bottom of the pan
drizzle entire cauliflower top with olive oil
Sprinkle with sea salt
generously smear with your favorite pesto
(mine included parmesan)
(my sister sprinkles parmesan cheese on the finished product before serving)

Cover with lid or foil
one hour in the oven at 400 degrees
last 20-30 minutes uncovered in oven at 350 degrees

All that is left to do is dig in!

and you are welcome....

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Christmas candy clearance

Remind me next year to buy more of these when I see them on sale after Christmas.
You can divide them for two upcoming holidays, Valentine's Day and St. Patrick's Day.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Easy like a Sunday morning...

A great inspirational quote by Mahatma Gandhi.  I keep it in our old Corona typewriter that Hubby found at an antique store. 
I also gave myself a treat yesterday of this beautiful coffee/tea cup.  
Simple pleasures, y'all.

Easy like a Sunday morning, I love being the only one awake in the morning.  Lucky me, Hubby likes to sleep in.
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