Saturday, August 12, 2017

My niece is getting married

My youngest niece is getting married!  So, of course her Aunt's had a wedding shower in her honor. 

Brunch and Bubbly!!
 The hostesses gave her a Brunch Cookbook that everyone signed. 
Even the flower girls signed the book!  They were asked to be flower girls at the shower.  Hooray!!

We served quiche, shrimp and grits, sausage rolls and fruit salad.  And each hostess provided 24 mini desserts.
 The bubbly bar was set self serve.

 One her Aunt's hand pressed the tags on the favors.  So sweet and pretty.

 I let the grands prepare their own peanut butter and crackers.  They weren't big shrimp and grits fans.

Great Grammie would have put all four grands on her lap if she could have.  She settled for MissAllyAnn

So happy to celebrate love and family!

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Splash park at Coppell Farmers Market

MissLayton took to the splash park without any fear. 
 Not so much for little sister, MissAllyAnn
I love this picture of MissHadley jumping for joy over her brave sister. 

 It was hard to get MissAllyAnn off the teeter totter at the park next to the splash pad.

 Five more minutes girls! Which we all know means we leave in ten to fifteen minutes, right?

 Just a little...
 I did it....

 So much water fun, we never made it to the market. 

Friday, June 23, 2017

MissRaylyn turns four!

Say it ain't so!
 Even Prince Charming Daddy wore a crown too! PrinceHayes, no way.
 I always make Princess Ariel sing.  The grands always love it when I steal their voice.
 PrincessLayton's favorite is Ariel.  Can you tell?

 We did have a Princess parade, PrincessAllyAnn was fine with wearing her party dress. But, she does have all the accessories, including a cell phone.
 All four cuties in a row and PrincessAllyAnn was busy contacting friends or maybe posting on Instagram. 
 A princess can never have too much bling, right PrincessHadley?
 Cousin hugs for the birthday girl.  How fun to have a party at the lake!  Oh the anticipation, MissRaylyn talked about it for weeks prior. 

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Lake livin'

Bathing beauties, cuties galore.

It was cloudy most of the day, but can you tell how happy everyone was to finally get on the boat and out on the lake?!

Friday, May 26, 2017

A fairy visit

 During Nickie's 92nd Tea Party celebration, there was a fairy sighting!
 Lala explained that the "real" fairy had visited and hid surprises around the backyard.
 The littles all headed out for the hunt! MissHadley was the first to find her pink fairy.

 It was just so very exciting.
We had to head back inside for snacks, because Fairy hunting is so exhausting.  Below are a few shots for the guests and the fun. 

 Four generations of ladies and MrHayes too! I see many more tea parties in our future. 

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