Thursday, December 29, 2016

To Russia with love....

If you are a blogger you look at your "stats" every now and then.  Hello Russia, you are by far the country with the most looks at my tiny little blog EVERY week.  There is like three times as many views to my blog from Russia as the USA. I love regular followers and thought I need post about Russia.  
So, of course I headed over to google and downloaded a few pics.

But, most of all I want your comments.  If you are in Russia and are looking at my blog, please add your favorite thing about where you live.  And even better, let me know how you found "My Heart with Pleasure fills"?
I have to see this one day!  Gorgeous, especially dusted with snow.
Russia is very connected!
 These pretty little pieces of art and toys always fascinated me.  I wonder how this craft got started?
 Politics.  That's all... politics.
Who knew you could jump from Alaska to Russia?  Or that Santa lived so close too.
 I wonder what other favorite foods and beverages are served in Russia?

My grandmother always used a "bubushka".  Both of these ladies where it well!

So tell me.  Have you been to Russia?  If you live there, say Hi to everyone.  Leave a comment below, we would all love to hear from you.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

My December project

Since I was able to finish decorating the house early in December, I took on a little project.  First, let me state I am "anti" coffee table.  Just because when we had one they always seemed like a junk collector.  But when baby daughter moved out and took her coffee table with her, we realized we had no place to prop our feet or a wine glass!
 I was inspired by a table I saw in a local art studio, but couldn't afford the artist price tag. ($875) So, I ordered hairpin metal table legs from Harry's Hairpins and I contacted an Etsy dealer who said he could recreate the wood table top.  I wanted Cypress wood to remind me of my Louisiana roots.   It came unstained, but fully sanded. 

I experimented on the bottom with stain colors and decided on a lighter stain. 
You see the dark strips below? I was concerned about those strips but I learned a little something.  Jeff (the wood guy from Etsy) told me that there is heart wood and sap wood.  The dark wood is the sap wood and absorbs the stain a bit differently.  
 And here she is with her perfect little legs, varnish and the exact height we need.  Also, since this is a custom piece, I was able to order the exact measurements for our little space in front of the couch.  
 Napkins I am currently using.

 Thick and natural custom coffee table.  (junk collector)
 Thank you Harry's Hairpins and Jeff Shaw on Etsy.  Thank you also to an artist somewhere in Dallas for the inspiration.  

Cypress custom wood piece - $55.00
Harry's Hairpins legs - $48.00
Plus stain, varnish and shipping
A little over $100 perfect table

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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Is someone coming to dinner?

I love setting a pretty table and why wait for a dinner party?  Every time I pass my table, I think to myself, "Yay a party"  then remember not just yet.  
 I mixed the tea cups and saucers from my collection in with the dinner plates.
Yes, Rudolph is always welcome, he never shows up, but if he did, I would serve him only in the back yard.

My dough bowl is filled with creamers and a mix of vintage and new ornaments.  I also, sprinkled around silver bells and added greenery.  (free from Home Depot clippings)

 The place setting below is from my Mom's cup and saucer (Bali Hai/Kent) on top of my Mother-in-laws' china plate. (Dunrobin, Worcester)

 Remember my Craig's list find here?  I am still loving my buffet and having so much fun with it this year.

Grands in a row! I after Christmas shop for framed ornaments to fill with pictures of the grand babies.  I might have enough ornaments to decorate a Christmas tree next year!

Friday, December 9, 2016

Christmas 2016

What was your favorite decoration to display this year?
 I am finished decorating for Christmas.  Although, I just remembered the stocking aren't hung??!!
 Code number two... There's room for EVERYONE on the nice list.

 Generations with the Santa at NorthPark.

 More on my Christmas table in an upcoming post.
 Yes, I put to many lights into one socket and blew out half the lights on the completely, finished, decorated tree. 
 Yes, Virginia there is a Santa Claus.  Typed and slipped in the old Corona.

 The merry mantle.  Fresh greens always.
 The Falalalala season is just perfect for this Lala! (my grandma name)

 Any other cross stitchers out there?

You are welcome back anytime!

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving 2016

Happy Thanksgiving.... as always gobble till you wobble and enjoy some time with family and friends!  We are a white bread stuffing kind of family, it is in the bird and roasting as I type.

I saved the below to my instagram..

#amazonprime #newfixerupperseasonnextweek #wearethebabysitters

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Cheese dip hostess gift

Do you want and easy inexpensive hostess gift?  Something the hostess can enjoy days after a party.

Rotel Velveeta Cheese dip.

 I used two of the new mini blocks of Velveeta.  Probably three blocks would work better for one recipe.  Added one can of Rotel diced tomatoes and green chillies and wrapped them in cellophane tied with string.  

I am using mine in family gift boxes for Christmas.  This year 's gift box is a Tex-Mex theme and these will fit in perfectly.  So for less than about two dollars you have a fun little sussie to hand someone. 

Friday, October 28, 2016

Time for some fun overnights with the Grands!

Be still my heart.  This little new mid-century chair is perfect for the antique desk.  Yes, that desk is filled with creative projects to work.  I am looking for the perfect lamp or wall sconce for this area. 
The tea party area is now located under the window canopy and not in my living room!  See the tiny TV, it has a VHS player.  Yes, still have VHS tapes too... all in the bottom drawer of the chest for the grands to watch.  Lots of Olsen Twin movies.

 The book bin is right next to the bed and ready for bedtime stories.  Currently, Lilly is holding court as our favorite storybook character.

 Who wouldn't love searching for "their" letter and pictures of themselves?!  I need a black and white of MrHayes for that one last frame.
Sorry for the flash on the below picture.  But, I haven't figured out yet how to shoot towards an open window.  This was a canopy for over a bed, but, I removed my cornice board and added this as a bit of whimsy.  It really "tops" off the room.  

Hope you enjoyed the Grand's room as much as I enjoyed putting it all together.

Source list

Canopy - IKEA
Black out curtains - Target
Mid Century children's chair - Hobby Lobby
Child's desk - antique
frames - on hand or IKEA
Quilted bedspread - Tuesday Morning
Decorative pillows - TJMaxx
Book cart - IKEA
Sight words - Dollar Tree
Iron Tea table and chair - my daughter's when they were young

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