Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Round Top - the strange and miscellaneous!

Almost to the end, if you have been hanging in there you certainly have had some inspiration and by now I bet you have googled where Round Top, TX is on a map.  

Now for some fun... I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.  Let me know what you hear them say.

The letters said to me, I heart you, take me home... but at $60.00 each, my wallet said I don't heart you that much, no way!
Which talked to you...

To be continued.... with "my haul" post next.

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  1. I would need a truck if I went there. Those hats and mink stoles reminded me of my Gram, she had those!

  2. Wow! That looks fantastic - those letters would have been calling to me too but $60?? No thanks!

  3. I think every photo talked to me! ;) I hate virtual shopping...pout ;) So many things I would of loved to take home with me. :)

  4. I'm fixing to mapquest this place - I've got to see how close this is
    to our family in LA. I just may have to make a road trip when it rolls around again.
    I saw quite a few things I could have hauled home - how were the prices?

  5. Great pics, Lori! I LOVE the "I ♥ U" sign, too! but not for THAT much money!! ;-)
    Happy Wednesday to you!
    ~ Jo :)

  6. I've come to the conclusion that you love to tease your Followers :) Those pillows!! Did you see those pillows!!

  7. Love them all - but that sled, Oh My - that said it all!!

  8. I haven't been there in a long time, but I remember how my heart nearly pounded out of my chest while I was parking the car!! It is truly a vintage junker's paradise!

  9. Several called my name. I saw some wash tubs, shutters, industrial lighting and those letters. I wonder how hard it would be to cut out those letters from some tin?

  10. Looking at all of your photos makes me eager for spring to arrive. I need more time next trip. ;-)


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