Monday, August 24, 2015

Summertime almost over

Just a few pictures to see how the end of our summer is going.
 MissAllyAnn is growing and reaching that cute 6-12 month stage.  Oh those kissable thighs!
 Thanks Mom for coming to Dallas for a visit.  We lovingly call this hold the "Grammie Grip".

 MissRaylyn is talking and is as adorable as ever!

 MissHadley and MissLayton took time out of their busy summer play schedule to help AuntLynley get her new art room ready for her students.

And coming soon...Grand number five.  We will have gone from zero to five in under three years.  Wow!  Life is so fun!  And MomMelissa is stunning! Four Grand-daughters, we get to wait till delivery for this one, to find out if a boy or girl will join the family!  Team Blue needs a player!

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Bombay Beauty

I love early attic decorating and this piece came from my sister's attic collection!
All it took was a little Annie Sloan Versailles chalk paint to cover up the off white burned look?

 Wet and shiny paint below.
I finished it off with a buff of minwax paste and voila a new night stand for me! The wax darkens the color a bit and gives it just the right smooth, protective finish.

 I still need someone to explain why my new camera, when set on aperture, turns everything golden.  Everyone screams for me to use "no flash" even indoors.  But, look above and look below.  Above with flash, looks so natural and below pictures no flash and totally golden.  

Free and new to me.  I even left the handles their original color and they look perfect.

My "before" night stand was an awful sewing chest and served the purpose.  But, is quickly going onto Craig's List and can be someone else' "early attic piece".

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Office updated ~ now onto the guest bedroom

Why does one project always lead to another?  The new paint in the office looks so light and bright, that I now feel the guest bedroom would look great with the new paint too! Darn you, Sherwin Williams ~ Kilm Beige.
I am still experimenting with my new camera.  Still picures are too yellow, what am I doing wrong!??!! But, the above picture is still probably the best color of the new wall paint.  Yes, that is a rolodex ~ I will never give it up.  Lovely little painted ceramic box from Round Top.  I am not sure what its original purpose was, but I love it as a pencil/pen holder.  
 New curtain ~ like, but I don't love it.  Probably won't stay long. It is still alot better than this...

 The hubbies sports stuff is rearranged and much better and not as cluttered.  

 Of course, I have to have my grands right next to me.  In the last year I was offered the chance to work from home!  It is great not to have to commute and use that extra time to get housework done.  It sure does make me enjoy my nights and weekends so much more.

Now after taking pictures for this post, I realize I need to get busy dusting my desk!  I told you one thing just leads to another.  

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Before office space

Amazing what a couple cans of paint and a new window treatment can do for a room and your temperament.  Fresh, clean (like move furniture kind of clean).  You all know what I mean.
This is paint scheme from my daughter's high school years.  
Great view out the window, but not inside.

Golf and sports memorabilia.  (must stay, no option there)  But, will be rearranged for sure.

A glimpse of the new color and curtain fabric.  

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