Saturday, October 26, 2013

Annie made me do it

Annie Sloan paint inspiration made me paint this 100 year old bench.

I loved the new cover I added.  But, it still was missing something.  It blended in with my walnut floors.  
The legs had some detailing that didn't even show up.

Maybe it was the many layers of varnish that made it look dull.  

My daughter, Melissa had some French Linen Annie Sloan to share.

One coat, let it dry and then ...

a second coat and a very light third coat.

Wax and buff.  Return the newly covered seat and tadaaa....

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Frame fun DIY

Easy project for the twins first birthday.

Frames from Hobby Lobby.  I made the bows and added this great button.

See up close!  They were a one day sale on Pick Your Plum.  Hopefully, they will run this item again.  It was $7.99 for eight buttons that included the personalization.  

They will remember who this gift was from for sure!

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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Guest Bedroom Gallery Shelf

I had a big huge wall to fill above the bed in the guest bedroom.

I added a gallery shelf and had fun with letters.
IKEA shelf, comes in white and wood tone also.  Weird thing about the shelf it comes without the three screws?! Come on IKEA, did that save you that much money?  

I had pinned the idea of the word guest on a shelf.  They had used the large cardboard letters and painted them gold.  I knew I didn't have enough space on the shelf for anything with a big wedge shape.  While cutting through the card aisle at Wally World,  these paper letters caught my eye.  You are supposed to use them to decorate gift bags.  At 29 cents each, it was a bargain.  

Above is the newspaper announcement from 1955 for my Mom and Dad's engagement.  My Aunt sent it my way with an envelope full of old stuff.  On the right of the ledge is my hubbies Mom jumping on the back of her best friend, Gina.  Nickie said they must have been high school age.  

The interior design drawing is one of Lynley's from a class at The University of Oklahoma.

Pretty fun graphics on these letters.  Be our guest!  Be our guest!  

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

100 year old bench

I would estimate this piano/vanity bench is over 100 years old.  I have recovered it three times.  

After I unscrewed the top half, you could see the layers of different fabrics.  It was a dirty process, but I removed them all.  

I wanted a neutral color and I happened to have this creamy yellow on hand.  

Below you can see a swatch from each recovered layer.  I dated the scraps that I had replaced.  The black and gold piece on top is the original fabric.  What a simple connection to all the housewives that had fun recovering the little bench.

I saved and stored the fabric swatches in a bag under the bench.

I needed a place to drop my purse in the front room.  Perfect spot now.  A kind of sofa table.

I think it needs some Annie Sloan Chalkpaint to brighten and lighten her up?  What do you think?

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Sunday, October 13, 2013

So waaaiiittt a minute...

Makes me want to shout, throw my hands up and shout...

Weren't we just talking about the names for the twins?  Weren't we just at the hospital waiting for their arrival? Wasn't I just helping them their first week home!?

So when and how did they turn one!?!!

Raylyn came to say Happy Birthday!  For now she is Hadley and Layton's only cousin.

Of course you wear a birthday tutu!  See Layton is practicing her toe touch.

Pretty paper!  And Mom is letting me pull on it. Wow.

Hadley and Layton making a mad dash for presents.

 We loved our giggling new babies.  We loved everything!

Our Mom had special treats made.  She always makes everything so pretty.

Hey, Layton why are you licking your lips sister?

I'm not so sure about the texture of this cake.  

Really Hadley, it is great, you should give it a try!  Stop crying, Mom went to a lot of trouble you know.  Just eat it, it isn't everyday we get sugar right before bath time! 

WAIT a minute, just a fast, this one is over four months old.  Raylyn loved Lala's new super soft blanket.  I swear this child has a smile on her face always.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

My first try at upholstry

We inherited a tiny wing back ladies chair.  This will be its third fabric change since we have had her, but my first try to upholster.  I did get a bid for $375, yikes.  Gee, maybe I could do that myself.

Here is the little ladies chair in red. This was my first attempt at a chair slipcover.  my only attempt

Now she is a sassy little thing.

I will try to take you through the steps I took.  First,  I removed the red slip cover and removed as many nails as I could.  I would need to staple the new fabric to the frame.  

I then cut the slipcover apart into sections and used them as patterns for the new bold fabric.

I cut and placed the new fabric where it would end up.  Basically to make sure I didn't miss any spots.

I did watch some you tube tutorials.  They used a tool to push the fabric through the creases.  I used a shishkabob skewer.  It worked like a charm!

One piece complete and then I took a break to you know... grand babysit.

Sorry, after the above process, I was so wanting to finish her and I didn't take another picture.  Basically, I covered all the staples with black braid.  Hot glue and black fabric nails.  Then sewed a new cover for the cushion, and called her done!

I am still not sure about the silk fringe on the cushion, but will try and live with it for a while.  But, I like the fresh new little sassy chair just the way she is for now.

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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Fall front porch

and baby watching...

Look at her eyelashes!

She is keeping watch over the violas.

While we kept watch over this cutie!

Happy Fall Y'all!

around the house.

My hubby and I both agree it is much easier to keep one baby Raylyn than the two twin grand-daughters.  How quickly I forgot, because we had twin daughters too.  But, we weren't in our fifties and we had them first, so we didn't know any difference.  

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