Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Round Top Part One - The Ladies

The ladies of Round Top, not our official name, but there was a lot of yayaing going on.

With each post I will tempt you to come back with a different field picture.  If you have ever been to the Round Top flea market you know it is one field after another of booths, tents and buildings.  Just miles and miles of vendors, from every state in the country.

Here is the lovely group of lades that I spent the four days with.

In front of our Bed and Breakfast, Mr. Harley peeking his head through in the background.  Mr. Harley and Ms April (top left) are the "seems like family" proprietors of the B&B.

Our B&B used to be a train station depot.  See all the doors down the front.  April and Harley had it moved to this property.

Back yard shot.

Waiting for Marburger Farms to open.  A bit windy, excuse the hair do's.

More to come on our Happy Hours,  each evening, after a day of shopping we would meet up to share the days stories over a glass of wine and a few munchies.  This stop was at Clutter.  That's me third on the left!

Don't know who this little lady is, but she was resting with her boots off and a tired big pup.   She said "the umbrella was so she wouldn't get sunburned."  Yaya in training!

Here is your tickler picture to come back to my next post.

My friend Jane and I purchased silver trays and we are going to paint with chalkboard paint.  These were selling anywhere from $36 to $42.00.  We bought ours to paint for $2.00 - $3.00 and we both have some badly scratched ones at home that can't be cleaned sparkly anymore. What a fun way to post menu's or sayings around the house.  Has anybody out there done this?  Do you have pointers?

Next up Round Top Part Two - The Food and some Fun.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Lynley and me, birthday afternoon

Yes, our BABY turns 22 this weekend!  How wonderful to get to spend some time with her.  We headed to Southlake Town Square.  Shopped had lunch.  Le Popcorn, wonderful, bright candy store, where I purchased choc covered almonds, see below... that look like olives.  Lynley got the purse she had been eyeing at the Impeccable Pig, cute boutique.  We ate at Jack's Porch, wonderful. 
 Then just walked and talked.

The owner said that they have fifty flavors of popcorn and Dill Pickle is the favorite!

Pottery Barn


Love a day like that.

Birds nest and a surprise!

We will have babies soon... look what Lynn found on our bakers rack outside.

Mama was away at the moment.  I hope she comes back to keep her babies warm.  Looks like at least three little ones.  Lynn said he had seen her flying in and out building her nest. 

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The power of pillows

Lynley's bed re-do needed new pillows.

Found these deals...

The Wally world clearance row first.

This pillow in real life, really looks aqua, picture makes it look baby blue.

$3.00!  This one didn't have a price tag, I was going to be willing to match the price on the one below, but it rang up $3.00, hey what can I say other than, "I'll take it." Wouldn't the stuffing have cost more than $3.00?

Wally world same day, $5.00... cool trim and love the grid pattern. Very chic looking.

Splurge pillow, of course how could I not, in all it's ruffley wonderfulness.  Yes, you saw it peeking behind the other two pics, you know you wanted to see it too.

Steinmart,  coupons savings only, still $15.00 not too bad, I had just seen a smaller one at Pier One for $39.00.  So, SCORE!

Yeah me!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Round Top Checklist

Four days and I leave town with my best friend Jane!  Round Top, TX population 90 here we come.  Of course we will join the other 10,000 visitors aka shoppers, for the week.  Bed and Breakfast, with like a 10 course breakfast every morning!  I would go just for that, not.....but it doesn't hurt.

Check list

  • Asparagus appetizer   -  done

  • Artichoke dip - done

  • Beverages - bought and packed
Important stuff done, now make sure I have..

  • Cash

  • Great walking shoes - found today 3/19, Gianni Bini's -  feel as good as they sound

  • Camera

  • Sun block

  • More cash - back to the bank....

  • Cute, comfortable flea market clothes - new jeans, three new tops, two new sweaters, got today too, 3/19.

  • Aspirin, muscle pain pills

  • Do I have enough cash? - back to the bank....
I'll take lot's of pictures and share when I get back.  Girls weekends are so much fun and this group is wonderful.  I have only met most of them once, but what a great group of ladies.  Jane and I from Texas, the rest are Louisiana girls.
YaYa sisterhood watch out!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

6 degrees of blogging

This should be fun.  One of the things I like and don't like about blogging is you link around through other sites and find really great information and fun tips.  The thing I don't like is three days later I can't remember where I found that great tip.  Uuuugghh.  Still fun.  I heard about this on Gina's and Unpink Life.  But it originated here with Abby .

My sixth degree trip...

Started with Christi at P is for Party.  Cutest, "I could do that" party ideas.  Texas girl.

Then onto Amy at Stem.  More great party ideas.

Michelle at Maddycakes has an Easter Bunny shape bread with a dip in the belly.  Then a scary picture of a roasted pig with a knife stuck in it... really, Luau party.

Then onto TabletopTuesdays, Between Naps on the Porch.  I have been here before pretty popular site.  Maddycakes, didn't give me many choices for blog links.  So, I had to go back to this favorite with a great display of an Oscar party table.

Missy at the Little Green bean, my kind of blog I love, she has some wonderful burlap pillow ideas and she has pictures with her links to blogs!  love that.


I had to search for a name, but it is Stephanie, at So you think you can Decorate.  She has weekly contests for designing ideas.  Great place for an easy route to amazing projects from the week.  Funky Junk caught my eye her designs will amaze you.

Crazy, just one more, first day of Spring

Sorry, just one more freaky picture from Texas.
This is how our first day of spring ended in Coppell.

Bunny on front porch, wind chill 21 degrees, enough said, going back inside.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Apron holder - Christmas to Texas stars

I decided to hang my aprons in the laundry room over the holidays.  It is March and I just hung my Ooohlala aprons over the Christmas ones.  Santa is still holding everything up, Christmas and Ooohlala aprons that we wear when delivering flowers.  Did I mention we are half way through March!
Oh yeah, I did.

I found this at GW... lovely bright red.  It was brand new but, half price.  $4.00.  Hummm... I think I have brown spray (Rustoleum - hammered iron) paint at it came home with me.

I also think it is time to repaint the laundry room.  I know I have leftover Sherwin William - latte colored paint in the garage.

Tadahh!! paint on the wall still a little wet, I couldn't wait to see it hanging though.

My latest, greatest apron find.... Ross for $5.99.  You know Simone at Beach Vintage is loving this one.  Not vintage fabric, but new fabric with that vintage look.  Yellow polka dot is vintage and a Canton, TX trip purchase.

Now, doesn't everyone have Claude Monet prints in their laundry room.

I would like to be either place other than the laundry room, little girl in Sunflowers or reading a book in a park.

The laurndry room complete, with new apron holder, fresh paint...and Santa is back in storage.  All is right with the laundry room.  Good-night.

sharing with Funky Junk and Kellie, This Blessed Nest and Southern HospitalityWhimages

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Spring on Halifax Lane

Bradford Pear - non- fruit bearing.

I took a little walk up and down our neighborhood streets.  Here is a bit of what is happening this time of year in Coppell, TX.

Red Bud Tree

Neighbors tulips

Some kind of pretty pink blossoming bush.  Then the leaves turn shades of purple in the summer.

Wild ferns

This will be yellow roses in a few weeks and lavender roses at the base of the bush.

More Pear trees

These bloom profusely for about one week,  then the leaves take over the blooms and they will be totally green in about two days from now. You can see the leaves trying to takeover in the picture above.

These trees are very soft and a lot of branches went down in the snow.

Last little bunch of pansies in the alley.

Happy spring everyone
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