Sunday, October 19, 2014

Before - Master Bathroom

Only because this transformation is amazing, is why I am brave enough to show you the before of our master bathroom.  Now remember, when we moved in, we painted, carpeted and added wood floors to the main living area.  But, the master bathroom was last on the list.  Then came three girls in college and two weddings and the remodel just got pushed further and further down the list.

I do want to remember how it started though.  Mainly, to remind myself when I think of the cost, how great it is now!

Who would put pink tile in a master bath?  Someone who also believed in gold fixtures. It was 1991 when the house was built.  Yes, like I said,  a long overdo project.

I framed the huge mirror just like everyone else on Pinterest. I replaced the gold light fixtures and painted the cabinet and that helped for a bit.

Nothing says glamorous like a molded shell sink.

The border around the top of the wall was my first recreation project from a blog DIY that I saw.  Fabric dipped in sheetrock mud and and nailed to the wall.  Luckily it came off easily.  I was afraid chunks of sheet rock would come off.  A bit of sanding and paint, you can not tell it was ever there.  Yay!

The gold to oil-rubbed bronze doorknob DIY you can see here.  They lasted about four years and were badly chipped.

The carpet, yes I said carpet, in the bathroom was eventually hidden under a family heirloom persian rug.  It did not really help, but in my mind maybe.

The jetted tub was the only thing that remains.  It is the perfect size for me and the grands.

Here is a peek at the transformation.  I was going for vintage southern glam.  I think I nailed it when hubby said he feels like he is in the Ritz-Carlton in New Orleans that we visited a couple times.

You can see the faux no saux (sew) roman shade here.
The shower glass is on order, we are in the home stretch!  I think there may be a bubble bath every night in my future!


Friday, October 17, 2014

MissHadley and MissLayton are two!

and then they turned two!  Slow down world, pretty please! 

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Faux Roman Shade

Another peek at a project for the Master Bath remodel.  We are in the home stretch of the remodel completion now and getting estimates for the new glass shower surround.

We are loving all the natural light bouncing off all the new white surfaces.  So, when Lynley pinned me a picture of a DIY no sew roman shade, I was in love.  

I measured the plain huge square window above the tub.  I used about 1 and a half yards of this grey and yellow P. Kaufmann fabric.  
I folded down the middle so the pattern would be exactly centered. Then measured my window width and added one inch to each side.  The shade needed to fit exactly inside the window space.  The length I just guessed how long I needed it to be with two folds.  

Does everyone love the wonderful stitch witch bonding tape? You just fold and iron.  I "hemmed" the sides and folded the top over and left one pocket for one rod and then just "hemmed" the bottom.  

A simple suspension rod ($3.00) to hold the pocket seam at top and two more to loop the fabric to create the layered shade.  

Tadaa!   Easy and about an hour project total!  I think I spent more time driving to Cutting Corners and browsing for the fabric.   OK - who eyed my bathtub cubby?  Love that little extra too?

Friday, October 10, 2014

And then a visit to the Perot Museum of Nature and Science

I arrived first and then the kids.  
This place in downtown Dallas is beautiful and amazing. 

The check in area has you so excited. Meteors on the ceiling dancing blue and white molecules and this guy below.

Then the real fun arrived.

The chirldrens' area was first.  To let the littles run around and get a bit tuckered out, so sitting in their strollers for the rest of the time would be more enjoyable.  

This big girl slid over for a moment to let MissLayton drive the truck.  I don't think she was too happy about sharing.  

MissRaylyn's favorite thing was the picnic table in the camping area.  Go figure?

Our group of Moms and babies on the Earthquake Shake machine.

I need to go back several hundred times to be able to see everything.  
Thanks Melissa and Sean for the visit! 

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Pumpkin Town at the Dallas Arboretum

My daughter and her friends headed to the Dallas Arboretum.  I had heard about the pumpkin display, but it is something you need to see to believe.  

Pumpkin parking was overflowing and we arrived early in the day! 

MissRaylyn tried out Cinderella's carriage with Mom.

Yes, Miss Raylyn those are pumpkins.  And yes, there are a million of them.

Varieties I have never seen before.  

I heard someone say it took three 18 wheeler trucks full to fill the gardens with gourds.  I think more than that maybe.

Huh, pumpkins on a stem? Pretty darn cute if you ask me.

Cement gourds perched above the real McCoy.

Girl talk and strollers.  I was pretty happy to be included on this girls day out.

 This home on the garden grounds is used for a lot of weddings.  Thus, surrounded by white pumpkins was appropriate.

Melissa knew of this little creek area and we picnic lunched here.  MissRaylyn testing the waters. 

I think she figured out water and wet is fun!

Yep, didn't take long and we couldn't get her out of there.  Her super smart Mama brought a change of outfits.  

Happy Fall y'all!  

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