Monday, July 27, 2015

Home office update

One and half cans of paint and four hours later.  Thanks MissLyney for helping.
The below pictures are all before shots.
 Before, very dark paint and one accent wall, that was leftover from my daugher's high-school days.
 Yes, yes popcorn ceiling removal is on the "list".  It has started, just has not made it to this room.

 Notice the overload of sports items, hubby says must stay, must go.  OK, most will stay, but the items will be re-distributed...
 Sneak peek at the new color!  I am in love with the light brightness of it all.  Kilm Beige by Sherwin Williams.  Bye diamonds on the wall, I really only want to look at diamonds on my fingers!
Stay tuned... currently hunting Pinterest for window treatment options!

Monday, July 20, 2015

I went a little overboard

I had a wedding flower job this past weekend and ended up with a bit of an over order.  Lucky for my house, my friends, hubbies and Lynley's work mates.

These were gifted to friends and co-workers

 These are brightening my kitchen.

 Love this metal pitcher from IKEA and this tiny vase from our trip to Ireland.
 Waterford and roses, a splurge bedside!

 Both bathrooms decked out in pinks.

Thank you Ooohlala Floral.  

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

We celebrated the Fourth with fun!

I will let the pictures show how much fun we had!

Waiting for the neighborhood parade.
 I think Cindy is really excited about the firegirl hats!

Puppy, pools and playhouses

 MissRaylyn had already learned to swim solo. MissHadley and MissLayton started out in rafts and it didn't take long to try the swimming thing.

I call this the Daddy grip.  MissAllyAnn was dressed for the fourth too.

 Be still my heart as it fills with pleasure watching sunsets, families visiting and cleaning up the paper popper remnants  that the two year olds enjoyed!

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