Sunday, May 5, 2013

Fourth time I have painted this chest of drawers

My inspiration this time was from Pinterest and this website here.

My wooden chest has been floral, striped, numbered and now black added.

Here is the last time I decided to change the baby.  I was given the chest by my Mom.  She said my Dad had bought it at an unfinished furniture store.  When she got rid of it  gave it to me, it was colonial blue and an antiqued finish.   I don't know how many times she painted it.  I need to ask.

I had already started the goopy paint stripping process when I remember to photograph the stripes.

Oh it was a long and messy job. Scrape, sand repeat.

Ooops, how did Hadley and Melissa get in this post.   Hadley is saying "Hi Aunt Melissa, when is Raylyn going to get here?"  Also, this was a fussy Hadley day, the next day Mom and Dad found a new tooth had broken through.  No wonder.

This pottery barn version was my inspiration for my third time to paint the little chest that could.

And yes, it has been brought to my attention that fourth is the wrong spelling. Someone reading my blog did let me know, thanks Mandi.

Let's go forth onto my newest version of the lovely little chest.

Ooops, random shot of Layton's feet at an outside restaurant. I just think random shots of babies make a boring  post much more intersting.

Easy, spray paint and done.  Love this new life for the little chest of drawers that has given me lots of  great storage space through the years.

The jet black Corona typewriter is perfect on top.  No, I will not take the typewriter apart to make jewelry!

It goes well in the room with the black wrought iron bed and the wooden tea trolly.

All dressed up with black trim, I like it!

Total cost of redo - four dollar can of satin finish black spray paint.
This also gives you a peek at one of the guest bedrooms that were switched around.  I'll show more when the new curtains arrive.

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  1. I love that you reuse that piece and make it what you want! So clever! Those sweet babies! Any post is better with babies! :-)

  2. I hope you have another friend named Mandi because I SWEAR I did not point that out! I didn't I didn't I didn't! I don't pay attention to jack crap I would have never noticed and loved the piece as a whole!

    1. It was Mandi with an i! You were very nice about the mention, I was glad you did. It made me smile everytime I saw it after that.

  3. Looks great Lori - good job!!

  4. Mandatory sweet baby pics are always welcomed. The chest looks great. Love the way you styled it with the typewriter.

  5. Those are some mighty cute toes - oh, and the chest is pretty cute too!

  6. Love how you've redone the dresser. And I absolutely love that typewriter!

  7. I think fourth time is the charm! Your dresser looks great and I love all the lives it has lived. We have an old typewriter too, I just like it sitting out on the base of my grandmas old sewing machine. Baby pictures make everything more interesting!



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