Tuesday, September 29, 2015

American Girl Bistro

A few tips if you go.  I believe you need a reservation for the Bistro.  We had one, but not sure if they take walk ups.  Also, ask if the kids can share a meal.  The kid's meal was huge at brunch.  It was fun, but we won't do it every time, I considered it part of the first time experience.  It was a bit hard to keep 2 and almost 3 year olds happy at the table, even with the babies sitting right by them.  

Next time we might try the beauty salon for the doll.  Just sayin'....
 They ask if you have brought your doll and bring you one of these chair holders for the doll that slides onto the table.  (see below) Of course, they sell them, not sure how we got out of the store without three of those?! See the bow around the napkins, (above) you get to take those home, they are hair bows.

 I am telling you, cuteness overload at this place.
Best tip:  If you go to the Dallas store, park in Orange parking lot, it is right next to the store.  Also, the store opens at 9:00 and hour before the Galleria does!

We did see a few Daddy / daughter shoppers, but men, be prepared for the pretty much all girl experience.  Dad's you must do it at least once!  

Saturday, September 26, 2015

American Girl Store visit

You know it had to happen with four grand-daughters...the "trip" to the doll store.  Not just any doll store either.  THE American Girl doll store.
Yes, Dallas has one and I promise this will not be our only visit.  Most adorable, fun and all girly kind of morning.
 First, we must try out and play with each doll before we decide on one to take home.
 MissHadley was getting advise from AuntLynley.  AuntLynley should know we still have Suzanna her bitty baby from long ago. Twenty years ago Santa had to find hers, when all American Girl had was a catalog. 
 The overload of selections did not seem to phase them one bit.
 MissRaylyn did hang onto Floppy until she decided which doll to bring home.
 MissLayton was ready to share.

 While waiting for our reservation at the American Girl Bistro, we opened the new dolls.  MissRaylyn's first hug.

 Then, of course, let's undress them and put on their new outfits we picked out for them. 

 We promise we will love them forever!  The grands and the dolls!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Muffuletta Pasta Salad

 If you like a New Orleans style Muffuletta, this is pretty close to the same taste.  It is made with pasta, instead of the wonderful bread, that I can't get around these Texas parts.

 You will need:
Two thick slices of provolone cheese
Two thick slices of Swiss cheese
Two thick slices of salami
Two to three thick slices of ham
One 12 oz bag of pasta 
1/2 a jar (small jar) of Olive Salad
about half a bottle of Italian Salad dressing
Salt and Pepper to taste

 Cook and completely cool the pasta and set aside.
Dice cheese, meat and toss with olive spread and salad dressing.
 Once the pasta has cooled (so as not to melt cheese) toss all ingredients and salt and pepper to taste. 
Napkins I am using too!  They remind me of a watercolor drawing of a European street.  

I used half bow tie pasta and have swirled pasta.  If you want to bump it up a notch, how about tortellini?

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Our love for ferns

Hubby and I have a love for all things fern.  Which if you live in Texas, you know they need shade and lots of water.  Two things that are usually in short supply around these parts.  Luckily, we are blessed with native oak trees for shade.  I am also blessed with a husband who loves to water everything!  I think he uses the time watering for some meditation.  And it takes a while, so he has plenty of time to think.  Maybe he is thinking why the heck doesn't Lori ever do this!
 The front porch has two.  One large Boston Fern and smaller fun looking one.  Notice the fuzzy "legs" growing out underneath the fronds.  I think this might be called a tarantula fern.   

 Maiden Hair ferns are one of my favorites.  So light and airy, but slow growing!  Hubby transplanted this one from a flower bed to this fun container.  Yes, our oak leaves started falling in early August.  The heat stresses them out, I think.
Another humongous Boston Fern, I think she is several years old. The fern in the photo below is unique.  These fronds emerge red and turn green.  

We will enjoy our ferns a few more months and then start dragging them into the garage before the first frost hits.  Fern fronds, say that five times fast!

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