Thursday, October 29, 2015

Tastes like fried rice, but better for you

Another recipe from my better way of eating.
Cauliflower "fried rice"

Really, really easy and makes a huge pan full.

Basically saute onions and veggies.  Scramble two eggs.  Add cauliflower, soy sauce and mix.  Top with green onions cover and let steam for a short while.  

I changed two things.  I used sesame seeds while browning onions instead of sesame oil (used olive oil that I already had) and I chopped the cauliflower by hand, not in a food processor. 

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Whole30 diet and hastag yum!

Since next month hubby and I will be heading to Paris for a trip on a river cruise from Paris to the beaches of Normandy, I needed to lose a few lb's.  If I could get my weight down a bit, I then won't feel so guilty as I eat everything I see while traveling right? Sounds like a plan?

Of course on another blog, I saw someone who was on the Whole30 diet.  I googled and pretty much I am following the below rules.  What I missed most, creamer in my coffee!  (I have added that back after two weeks into the diet) 

(yep, no bread, pasta, rice, crackers etc.)
Processed/packaged foods


I am sure there are lots more rules, but this is the plan I have followed and in three weeks, I am 8 pounds lighter.  (and will probably be 15 pounds heavier when we return from our trip!) Maybe all the walking will off set some of the crepes and croissants.

I have an omelot every morning, my fruit smoothie during the day.  Lunch and dinner.  Nuts and some dehydrated fruits have been my desserts.  Two new recipes that have helped me get through the diet are below.

Sweet potato and chicken Hash - full recipe here
The above pictured dish was amazingly easy and delicious.

Saute (in olive oil) chopped onion, green bell pepper, celery and garlic.

Steam sweet potato chunks and add to skillet with chicken.  I had a bag of frozen pre-cooked fajita style chicken strips. Add salt and pepper to taste.  Tony's creole seasoning too.

Top with green onions, stir and cover for 5-10 minutes.

TIP - did you know Trader Joe's has frozen cubes of garlic and basil?  So easy to pop in any dish you making.  

Another great recipe that I pinned onto my Food Glorious Food board
Cauliflower Fried "rice" - recipe here

I am making this again tonight!

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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Cookie baking and a pumpkin patch visit

Thank you Coppell Lutheran Church. I took our girls to this pumpkin patch some 23 years ago.  The church has continued this tradition still and Lynn and I were able to take the three Tennison grands last weekend.  We started the day baking some cookies.
 Miss AllyAnn is not sure this is going to work out!
 Sorry only MissAllyAnn and MissLayton had time to do their hair.  

 "I wonder how these sprinkles will taste on my toes?"  Let's just say MissHadley was making sure every space on tops of the cookies were covered.
 Then after naps, we headed to the pumpkin patch.

 "Lala said to stand here and say cheese, but we really just want to run around, right Hadley?"

 "Would you like chicken nuggets?"  That is really what MissLayton said. 

 Just the right size pumpkins to hold and run with.

 We apologize church ladies, but MissLayton and MissHadley were ready to do a little redecorating.  None of those little pumpkins were there when they started. 

 Miss Layton was content to ride, while MissHadley was filling her wagon with tiny pumpkins to bring home!

Happy Fall Y'all!

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Thanks to my daughter's great decorator eye!

I should always take my daughter shopping with me.  She was available and was with me this past Saturday to help me look for new bar stools.  I had been searching for two stools that would not stick out as much as my old ones did.  We found two and they are perfect and I gained about 8 inches of space.  You can barely see them as you walk into the den.
 Thank you TJMaxx, again!  I love that store.
 We tried them out in the store and they are comfortable and sturdy.  
Before we found the stools, my personal decorator Lynley spotted the below mirrors.  She said, "Mom, these would be great over your mantel!" We looked them over and went on our search for the bar stools. 
We left with the bar stools only.  Then all night long I thought about the mirrors and how great a Chrismtas wreath will look in the middle of them.  When I woke the next morning, I measured the wall space and MissLynley and I were back at the store as they opened. If you shop TJMaxx you know things are always gone if you wait to come back the next day to buy them. (my tip, buy it and return it, if it does not work out or fit) Since, we had been there the night before at closing time, luck was on our side, they were still there!

 Another tip, if you live in the Dallas area.  Market Street has these wonderful velvet pumpkins. 

 Now, I am going to relax like this witch and stare at my lovely new mirrors!

Mantel before pic.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Boy oh Boy!!!

Lynn and I have been married 33 years.  We have three daughters, four grand-daughters and we are pleased to announce a GRANDSON! Introducing... MrHayes!
 Do we look just a bit super excited?
 His Daddy is pretty pumped too, along with his Mom and his Aunts.
 Up close and loving on that little bundle of boy joy!

 A little information about his nursery.  His MomMelissa had a decorator friend from her church that was the only person given the gender of the baby before he arrived.  When MelissaandSean went on vacation this past summer, the decorator came over decorated his room and locked the door.  They (MelissandSean) had purchased the bed, dresser and moved the rocker from MissRaylyn's room.  The decorator was given a budget and did everything else.  Just so adorable and perfectly MrHayes, don't you think?  Their last name is Fox, I think the room is perfection!  
Just so you know, I did already go shopping and found the boy department. and already shopped for MrHayes.  Who knew there was such a wonderful place (boy area of a store), with such cute and adorable things?

MrHayes, you were so worth the looonng wait.

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