Sunday, October 3, 2010

Round Top - China, Glass - breakable stuff!

The only thing I was on the lookout for on this trip was red and white transfer ware.  I finally found three plates from a lady running a booth from Syracuse, NY.  I would have gotten more from her but she wouldn't bargain down any the price, so I left with only three.  Almost everyone at Round Top (not this transfer ware lady)  will give you a better price.  Round Top Tip...always ask.

She also said Southerners prefer red/white or brown/white transfer ware, while up North Blue/white is the most popular.

More random shots.

I have never seen the zippered suitcase cover before.

A few silver pieces

I did find two silver pieces that I brought home.  Will show you soon.


  1. I love that red plate. It would look beautiful in my home :)

  2. Love the transfer ware. and the old large wine jugs. those are so cool!

  3. You lucky girl you got to go. Maybe some day I will. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I posted some pinks that I saw at Round Top. Stop by to take a look. There is a transfer ware pitcher and tea pot that I think you'll like. ;-)
    Every time I look at the photo I regret that they didn't return home with me. ~ Sarah


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