Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year and another baby reveal!

My daughter Melissa and Sean are expecting a bundle of love in May. 

They planned a gender reveal party and went the morning of the party for a sonogram.  Baby Fox would not cooperate.  The baby was all curled up in a comfy little ball.  

Oh no, 30 people were coming to their house, the cupcakes were made, and one was left to be filled with either pink or blue filling.  Melissa called the cupcake baker and she advised to drink orange juice and eat some candy.  I guess put the little babe into a sugar party.

They found a place in Dallas that does sonograms only called, Stork Vision.

It worked the little babe was moving around. So the party was ON!

Precious decorations and we all got to vote.  

A few fun presents.

Plates and plates of appetizers and holiday cookies. 

30 plus friends and family. My sister, Jill was in town from Baton Rouge, so both my sister's got to be there this time.  

Melissa and Stacey teach together.  

Melissa wore pink and Sean below was in blue.  

We all stood in a circle and took a bite of a cupcake. One had the lucky color inside.  Melissa and Sean didn't even know.  They had the technician call the baker.  

Sorry blurry shot, but Michael yelled out "I got PINK".  It is a girl!

Happy, cute Mom and Dad to be!  
and.... Hadley and Layton will have a girl cousin.  It is going to be a VERY happy new year!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Napkins

Napkins I'm using now.
A sweet sentiment on them too.

Great use of my cheese box from a Round Top, TX trip.  I guess the lady who had this a long time ago would think I was nuts to use it for a display case.  She also would faint when she heard I paid eight dollars for it.  Which we all know was a steal!  

'Tis the season to be aware of the tiny magic everywhere.
Nothing like the season's regenerating grace to raise spirits.  

My sister, Joanie's Christmas napkins from Christmas Eve.

Gotta go, I get to babysit the Grands today!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Steen's Syrup Cake

You know this is good if the name of the baker on the recipe sounds very french Louisiana.

I found this recipe in a local Dallas newspaper insert.  I will be making this again even the guys liked it.   
It reminds me of a gingerbread type cake.  Steen's syprup might be hard to find.  I included a picture of the factury location and phone number if you have to special order some.  But, I did find my can at Walmart. The small can is really not enough for what the recipe called for so I adjusted and left a little for the glaze and it tasted fine.  Really a moist and spiced cake.  I served with ice cream.

Recipe at the end of this post. 

The famous yellow can.

Look at that thick, dark drip of cane syrup!

Of course,  I added extra pecans. Did I mention coffee in the recipe too?

Recipe by Nancy Vienneau

Monday, December 24, 2012

Have yourself a merry little Christmas

Just a few memories from the last few days. 

I got to spend time with Moms, Nickie and Norene.  I enjoyed Hadley and Layton's first Santa photo shoot.   And had a wonderful dinner at my sister, Joanie's house after church on Christmas Eve.

Merry Christmas Y'all!  

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas pillow collection

After Christmas for the last few years I grab pillows on sale.

They are the easiest decorations to store and put out.  The really fun part is the next season when I open the bag of new ones.  It is a surprise all over again.  I love simple surprises.  

Joy to the World, was the first little one of my pillow collection.

I made this one a couple weeks ago from a sweater Lynley was giving away.  I kept the sleeves for boot warmers.  

In this house we believe.

I found these two tiny ones in a shop in Natchitoches, LA.

It is that time of year.   So go put some jingle in your bells right now!

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Monday, December 17, 2012

Day of Silence

I share this from Kate's blog with Lucy.

On Tuesday, December 18th, there will be a blogger day of silence.  Please try to not post anything else that day if possible.

 We are also raising money that will go to an organization in the memory of this tragedy. The organization is called The Newtown Family Youth and Family Services Here is the official description of the support service we are donating to:

"Newtown Youth and Family Services, Inc. is a licensed, non-profit, mental health clinic and youth services bureau dedicated to helping children and families achieve their highest potential. NYFS provides programs, services, activities, counseling, support groups and education throughout the Greater Newtown area.


Please visit THIS PAGE to make your donation.

 We can't imagine how they must be feeling, especially this close to the holidays. We would love for you to spread the word on your own blog, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Let's make a difference and use blogging in a positive way. Thank you in advance for participating.

p.s. If you would like to, copy-paste and repost any part of this, please do. Share on.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Sean achieved his Masters

After two very long years and hours of classes, study groups and tests, my son-in-law Sean received his Master of Business from SMU ~ Finance.  What a great day it was for Melissa, Sean, family and friends. 

Southern Methodist Univesity has a gorgeous campus.  Their mascot is the Mustang.

Melissa feels like she graduated too.  Lots of alone time for her during the past two years while Sean was at class or away studying.

Sean looks great at the end of his very long day. Which started with a breakfast with guys, graduation ceremony, lunch with his family,  Top Golf with the guys and then a dinner celebration.

Some of these young men are his best friends from the first day he moved to Coppell.  
Neil, Brad, Michael, Sean, Kurt, Ben
Ann Marie, Melissa, Melissa, Lynley

Parents had a great time too!

Lots of picture taking going on.  

Lynn presented Sean with part of our gift, his "Masters Champion" green jacket.  

It was a big hit and perfect fit.  (I searched stores and finally found it on Ebay, Lynn found the Master's patch and I sewed it on the pocket)  

Our Masters Champion ~ Sean

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