Saturday, September 29, 2012

Wisteria Warehouse Sale

I wasn't going to go....but the last day came and I went!

Glad I did because I knocked five Christmas gifts out of the way.  Oh and three things for moi! Merry Christmas to me.

The tent is where all the accessory deals are and the warehouse has mostly furnishings.  I am already regretting not getting one of these baskets.  

I debated if Grandmother's house needed a time out chair/stool.  No way my grandchildren will be angels, right?

These bird candelabras would have been perfect for that nesting shower a few weeks ago.  It was rainy and dismal sorry these didn't photograph too well.

These trays are huge and this one will look great in my kitchen or on a buffet.  This lovely came home with me.

and.... two of these came home too.  I am going to Annie Sloan paint them and use them for food or flower pedestals over the holidays.  They are made to hang on the wall.  

Not too bad for a rainy Saturday morning.  Forecast rain all next week too.. Can you hear me screaming hooray!!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

These girls are going to change lives

Little do they know that in less than a month how much they will change our lives.  Hadley and Layton will create Aunts, Uncles, Great-Grands and Grands.  Our lives will be so blessed to have them with us.  Today I got to help Ann Marie prepare.  We cleaned, sorted and organized.  Goodwill is getting a huge donation of "stuff" that needed to go to someone else's home and the trash pick up will be a little bit heavier on Tuesday.  We mainly worked on the guest bedroom and closet organization.

Here is a look at the nursery that I have promised.  Ann Marie is the creative genius behind everything. 

This is one of Ann Marie's baby dresses and rattle.  She attached burlap to the back of an old frame and pinned the dress and rattle to it.  

The changing table below has one of the two sweaters that my Mom knitted and gave to her at the last baby shower.  They also have matching knit bonnets.  I can't knit a stitch.  I'm going to have to have her give me some lessons.   

Another great idea, an old window frame filled with their monograms and a sweet saying.

The tree behind the hanging ladder will have cherry blossoms added to the branches on the wall.  A dear friend of hers came over and painted it.  

All little girls should start out with a chandelier in their bedroom, don't you think?  

Remember the bedding I made for the girls.  Here it is in the crib.  I can see Hadley  snuggled up with this soft blanket and lovie.

And this cute little crate hanging over the door as you leave.  YES, Hadley and Layton ~~ we loved you before you were born.   and forever and ever, Amen!

So let the count down begin.  October due date!  We will have two little kissable pumpkins by Halloween.

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Sunday, September 16, 2012

and then we took the Grandmothers to the Arboretum in Dallas

The temporary Chihuly art exhibit is at the Dallas Arboretum until early November.  Lynn and I went in 100 degree weather a month ago.  But, luckily a cold front came through and we had a gorgeous day in the 80's.  

The whole family was able to make it.

White Rock Lake is in the background.

Sorry, we just had to do it.   

The Sun is one of my favorite pieces.  Well, they really all are.  Good shot of Ann Marie's babies bump.

Dallas Star in the background. Happy Grandmothers with all the grands.  

My recommendations, take snacks and water.  Pick up a map at the visitor's entrance and follow the numbers to see all the wonderful glass blown pieces.  There is also a video about the artist to watch near the entrance.  

If you are a Chihuly lover, go to see my other posts here and here.  

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Zebra Lilly Napkins I'm using

Fall is in the air and I used these napkins with dessert when the family was over last weekend.

I can't wait to start using the ones I got today at Tuesday Morning.  They have 40% off clearance going on.  Hurry over.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Friends, family and a baby shower for two

I wanted to record some of the guests that attended the shower.  There was 40 in all and it was so much fun getting to visit with some friends that we used to spend lots of time with when the kids were in
 high-school.  Hard to believe now they are starting their families.

All four great Grand-mothers were there.  
And one extra  that helped raise Michael and his brother, when they lived in a town without any family.

Lots of friends from high school, college, junior league friends and school teaching friends.  

We were told this idea was stolen from Pinterest.  Pretty cute for twins.

I think the girls received about 20 precious outfits or more.  

I completed the second set of bedding.  My Mom knits and gave her two blankets, two sweaters and matching bonnets.  

Now you must remember this for your next baby shower gift or little girl birthday gift.  The hostesses gave Hadley and Layton each their own set of silver cake serving knives.  They were engraved with their names and will have their birth date added.  They are to use them at all their birthday parties as they grow and then at their wedding when they engrave their husband's name and wedding date onto the cake serving pieces.  A wonderful tradition.  

Ann Marie gave each hostess a colorful ceramic pitcher with drink tags and she made each the cute fabric flower that was attached.  

Now we just need to complete the nursery and I think they will be ready for Layton and Hadley to arrive.  

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

More fun, food and decorations

I am hiring all these girls for my next party. Wait till you see more of the decorations for Layton and Hadley's baby shower.  

More nesting ideas were everywhere.  

Even the plates were placed in a super tall looking nest.  

My Mom's husband Karl, made the crates that Melissa used to hold the drink glasses.  Now he has about twenty more on order!  We told him to use old scrap wood, they didn't have to be finished nice.  Just rustic looking.  But he used old wine crates and created these beauties.  With handles on each side too.

More great flowers and a bird  house by the coffee bar.  

Two of everything!  Little number 2 signs, so cute.

Bathroom even had little touches everywhere.  The napkin ring below was used to hold a towel. 

These monogramed decorations were gifted to Ann Marie after the shower.

And the fabulous hostesses.  Lynley, Claire, Candace, Melissa, Ann Marie (Mommy to be) , Hayley and Brittany.  Hadley and Layton are so blessed to have you in their lives.  

One more post of the party fun and then ... we are on the countdown to seeing Layton Aaron and Hadley McKee!  Can you tell we are beside ourselves and just can't wait.

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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Baby Shower number two for two

Last weekend could not have been a better weekend!  Family, friends and a fabulous party.  Not to mention that the weather dropped about 40 plus degrees overnight from 104 on Friday to 60 on Saturday morning.  In this post I am only showing you the entrance area and first room.  There was so much to see and enjoy.  These young friends and sister's know how to throw one great party.

Saturday was filled with attending a shower honoring Ann Marie for Hadley and Layton.  The hostesses were three of her high school best friends (they all cheered together for four years of high school) and her two sisters and sister-in-law.  The theme was "nesting".  And from the moment you walked up to the front door you were treated to extra special touches to mark the occasion.  This hanging birds nest was at the front door.

They used the shadow box I gave Ann Marie for Christmas propped on the entrance table just as you walked through the door.  The party favors were bags filled with a bird seed heart to hang from a tree.  

Gorgeous fresh flowers were everywhere.  This table had a diaper cake, one of the cutest I have ever seen.  The shoes on top Melissa found at a vintage store in town.

When you received the invitation the theme was already being formed.  

As you headed into the next room you left well wishes for the babies and new parents and attached them to a clothespin.   Notice the ruffled cloth on the gift table, there was another one in the den.  My Mom is in this picture.  Hadley and Layton are blessed, in attendance at the party, all four "great grand-mothers to be".

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