Friday, May 26, 2017

A fairy visit

 During Nickie's 92nd Tea Party celebration, there was a fairy sighting!
 Lala explained that the "real" fairy had visited and hid surprises around the backyard.
 The littles all headed out for the hunt! MissHadley was the first to find her pink fairy.

 It was just so very exciting.
We had to head back inside for snacks, because Fairy hunting is so exhausting.  Below are a few shots for the guests and the fun. 

 Four generations of ladies and MrHayes too! I see many more tea parties in our future. 

Monday, May 22, 2017

Tea Time!

My mother-in-law was here for her 92nd birthday.  How amazing to be 92 and still going strong.  I thought a high tea birthday celebration was the perfect way to enjoy her special day with family and girlfriends. 

 First up, the preparations.  The tea buffet service was great.  My sister immediately loved my electric tea pot.  She said it reminded her of every hotel in England that she had ever visited. She said every room had a miniature version of my electric tea pot.

Miniature roses were placed in my silver mint julep cups. 
 I finally found sugar cubes, thanks to my Tom Thumb grocery store.  So, we were able to say, one lump or two?
 My tea cup collection was center stage too!

 Note to self... to use my slotted powdered sugar spoon properly, the sugar needs to be sifted to a fine powder to flow properly when shaken over fruit or brownies.   Instead of pimento cheese stuffed celery, I used cream cheese, crumbled bacon and chopped cranberries to fill the celery slices. 
 My favorite munchie is below. Sliced apple topped with chicken salad.  I started by thinly slicing next to the side of the apple core, a full slice of apple. I could get about six slices per apple. I then swiped a lemon slice across both sides to keep the apple from turning brown.  I topped with my favorite chicken salad from Market Street.  
 The cucumber sandwiches were on sourdough bread slices from the deli (again Market Street).  We mixed cream cheese with a package of dry Italian salad dressing mix, smeared each slice with the cream cheese and added a sliced cucumbers. 

 Assorted desserts were pecan tassies, white chocolate coconut candy, brownies and layered pound cake with Nutella and raspberry cream cheese.
 I also had a tray of salami, olives and cheeses. 
 We had six littles attend the tea.  Ages 2-4.  I know, I was very brave to place their tea in glass creamers to pour themselves.  Also, the lower shelf of the tea trolly held glass cups.  All the children were wonderful.  Not one spill or break!  
 The Walker Scottie dog shortbread cookies were adorable and delicious.   But, I think the kid favorites were the fresh fruit and pretzel chip cups. 

I also had a fairy hunt for the littles too.  It was a smash hit with all of them. 

Party preparation tips

All the cream cheese mixtures were made the night before.  The cucumber sandwiches were made the morning of the party, covered and refrigerated till right before party time.  The celery sticks were made the night before and refrigerated.  All desserts were made days ahead of time, with the exception of the pound cake slices.  We did assemble the pound cake and put it back in the refrigerator overnight and did not slice until right before the party.  

Most of the recipes can be found on my Pinterest Board inspiration here:

Friday, May 19, 2017

Our first tea party for May was at preschool

Mother's Day tea party at MissRaylyn's school.
We love you to pieces too, MissRaylyn!

 Uncle Chris, My Mom and Lynn's Mom where there.  MrHayes of course!  We get everywhere early because a walker is part of Nickie's routine now and we wanted front row seats. 
 Melissa the honoree for the Mother's day tea and her Uncle Chris.

 She did great this year and followed the cues to the songs.  Next year she will be a part of the bell choir!
After seeing how great this three year old tea party was, I was a little nervous about the one I was planning for my 92 year old mother-in-law.  
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