Monday, May 31, 2010

Guess where we were this weekend!


Lynn and I had the chance to spend the weekend in New York City.  
First time for Lynn, my first time since when I was ten.  (does that count really?)

As luck would have it, our best friends were in town too, 
only for the first night.  Frank, Diane and their daughter Annie who lives there!

We had just been to see Memphis.  Billy Elliott was on day two. Both Great!

We hated the color yellow and honking horns by the time we left.

Saturday we had breakfast at the Waldorf Astoria, thanks Diane and Frank!
Funny story, you have to ask me about it some time.

Then we walked to Central Park, "you know how much we love the park".
Shameless Arthur quote, sorry.  If you don't remember this line, rent the movie
now and enjoy it.

Dogwoods in the end of May!! 

We had to have lunch at Ray's Pizza.  Lynn's first name is Ray.

HUGE and delicious! Everything is not bigger in Texas. 
One pizza slice was the size of Texas. Well I exaggerate just a tad.

Day three started with Lady Liberty and Ellis Island. 
Best tip ever, the concierge told us to be on the first ferry 
of the day, if not a two hour wait just for the ferry.

When we got back from both Islands the line was wrapped
around Battery Park, heed this advise! We walked right up 
and got on the first ferry at 8:30.

Lynn waiting for me in the Great Hall at Ellis Island.  Could some of our
ancestors have walked these same floors?

Ground Zero, only thing to see here are cranes and fencing.

I do remember seeing the Rockettes and the movie Oliver here 
at Christmas time when I was 10. (so I guess it does count, thanks Mom and Dad)

We went looking for the ice rink for three days,
passed it three times going the wrong direction.  
Don't look for ice skaters in the summer, just a place to eat.

Church at St. Patrick's on Sunday and then dinner 
overlooking Times Square from our hotel.
Our hotel is directly behind all these signs.  10th floor.

Can you believe all that jammed into three days?

And we actually aren't exhausted, three and half hour plane ride 
home with a nap helped.  

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Backyard chairs new blue

Lynn thought the chairs needed a new color
and he was right!



Next summer I'm sure they will be another color!

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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Half price sale - steal

Found the below gems at a 1/2 price resale shop, Thanks GW

Four Wedgewood, Windsor Ivory tea cups
.75 for .38 each

Six Fitz and Floyd Christmas Salad Plates
1.00 for .50 each

Screams summertime - vintage table runner
1.49 for .75

Glass covered - cheese board
I have one, figured one of the girls could use one
1.00 for .50

Hallelujah chorus please...
Sample House pewter casserole holders
One square, One rectangular

Rectangular original sticker still on  - $22.00 / $8.00 half price $4.00
Square $13.00 / $7.00 half price $3.50

I can't wait to use these at the next family dinner or party.

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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Hanging baskets - Lynn has the touch

Lynn does a great job with hanging baskets.  This is two ferns that he 
combined and it will be twice as big by the end of the summer.

Some backyard baskets as well.

variegated ivy

I think this one has about four different kinds of plants.

He saved it from last year, our garage over winter has lot's of plants
hibernating in there.  No cars, just plants.

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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Oklahoma University Graduate!

May 15, 2010

Lynley  - Oklahoma University Graduate!!

Proud parents waiting to see her walk across the stage.

PR, Communications Major, minor in Interior Design
Gaylord College of Mass Communication

Mr. Gaylord and Lynley

I shadow boxed one of her baby outfits, bonnet and bracelet.  To show how far she has come.

From this little sweet baby girl to this grown up lady.

Melissa  - TX A&M 2007
Ann Marie  - LA Tech University - 2007
Lynley  - Oklahoma University - 2010

We traveled many miles over the past seven years, all worthwhile and fun.
What a ride for us and them!

Woohoo Wednesday to see more proud moments.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Supper Club and Mint Juleps

Kentucky Derby Day, let's get together.

It doesn't take much to get our group going.
But the Mint Juleps did help.

We planned, well really not...
Just said let's come together and watch the Kentucky Derby.

OK, I'll bring my mint julep cups.  I made the simple syrup too.
Whiskey was from Kentucky of course.

Guys hats not so traditional.  But aren't they great to play along.
Diane has a costume closet, no need to bring a hat.

We sang My old Kentucky Home.  None of us are from there
but the words were on the TV.  We were great!

See words on TV, now that is a hat!

Let the 136th running begin.

And afterwards more mint and whiskey anyone?

Oh did I forget to mention that Carol bought an accordion and is
teaching herself to play.  We got Jingle Bells, very good!

and this was before even one Julep was mixed.  Go Carol.

Mint Julep recipe

Simple syrup, bring to a boil one cup water, one cup sugar
once sugar melts add a few snip of mint.

Mix one tablespoon simple syrup with about two ounces of whiskey
I used Woodford Reserve, because hubby thinks it is the best and says that is what they use at the Kentucky Derby.

Pour over ice and serve, with a few fresh mint leaves.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Pot Party - 2000 follower celebration

Congratulations to Donna at Funky Junk Interiors!

How to celebrate 2000 followers - Wow - Tutorial

1.  Reach the tremendous goal of 2000 by having a wonderful blog, with amazing projects, super great photography, help tutorials for blogland and then dash in bits of life (to make it really real), that's Donna.

2.  Then blogland will celebrate like this... with a pot party, no it is not the 1970's, teracotta pot party of 2010.

3.   Buy these things, most of them you will have on hand, Pots, markers, balloons, champagne, and then call three crazy, nuts, friends that will answer your plea for help to party!  Tell then champagne is involved and this will help, trust me on that one.

4.  Open this first

5.  Design these next

6. Hold these on your head securely with one hand because it is tornado season in Texas and a storm was a brewin' this night.  In the other hand hold the champagne glass and balloons. Then on the count of three drop your hands down and smile.

7.  Finally a toast to Donna in Canada, for her wonderful inspiration and keep it coming!

Thanks, Donna

A side note about my friends,
All I said in my morning email was that I needed nutso friends, that was the message line.
The email said to meet at 6:30 for a pot party and champagne would be involved.  I had all yes answers by noon.
They are amazing women, with great attitudes and always, always ready for some fun.
Oh and the pots with little real flowers in them came in with Kathy as party favors, boy was she ready!
Me on the left, number 2, then Diane, Kathy and Jane.

Thanks friends!

See the rest that joined Donna's Pot Party here... Funky Junk Interiors
also sharing with My Romantic Home for show and tell and how great my friends are.
Can I say that enough?!

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