Monday, March 11, 2013

Like Mother Like Daughter

We came home from our ski weekend and Lynley had started on a do it yourself project of her own.
We had already visited Cutting Corners (our go to custom fabric store in Dallas)  and their half off sale on clearance fabric.  Really, the fabric she bought was on sale for $3.50 a yard.  

When we got home I saw these on the couch.

I looked out back and saw these sitting side by side.  Lynley forgot that I need a before pic.  She ran out of spray paint and that is the only way you get to see half of the old painted chair. 

Dad helped.  You can get a glimpse of the new fabric on the pillow in the background that I made for her. 

Tadaa!  Great job Lynley.

New modern look for some very old shield style chairs. This is their fourth life.  They started out in a church lobby, bought by someone in Coppell, sold by that person on Craig's list to me for 15 dollars each. I repainted and made new seat covers for Lynley's college apartment.  Now her version!  

I did find one little glimpse of the old chair in my kitchen photo's from my hubby said no to black shutters post.   It had a yellow and ivory buffalo print silk on the seat. I stenciled the fleur de lis and K.  Maybe they will be like a cat and have nine lives.  They are very sturdy chairs so there is a good chance.  Later after her move in, I 'll try to remember to show them in their new home. 

Sneak peek of the trim for Raylyn's bumper pads.  Talk about time consuming, each petal had to be pinned before I could sew the seam.  That thin netting is what I had to catch with my machine stitch.  Raylyn your Lala loves you very much!  But, the end result was so worth it!

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  1. The chairs look fabulous. And I can't wait to see the bumper, it is going to be darling. Your girls are so lucky that you can sew!

  2. The chairs look really great. I liked it when it was monogrammed before, too! It is always fun to get a fresh take on things though. xo Diana

  3. Gotta love $15 chairs that look terrific and have a life span like these. I like the fabric selection. Reminds me of the flame stitch needlepoint I used to do. '-)

  4. Your daughter did a beautiful job with these! So fun you've been able to use these chairs with many different looks!

  5. love how modern they are now. that's a great price on fabric!

  6. Great fabric and paint choices! Visiting from Primp.


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