Saturday, March 9, 2013

Grand number three needs baby bedding

Raylyn will need little princess bedding.  Melissa and Sean went with me to Cutting Corners and picked out the grey and white fabrics to use.  

Below are the three different grey fabric choices. One has the beautiful design, one has a raw silk look and the other is a sheer striped fabric.  You will see the grey and white fabric once I move onto the bumper pads.  

I'll start with the dust ruffle.  Melissa wanted box pleats. The stripe fabric will end up in the background.  I measured and sewed the panels together.

I pinned the box pleats and then stitch witched them down with my iron.

This photo is with the flash and shows the true colors. 

Next I will stitch on my machine the hem and then these will be attached to the crib with velcro dots that will be peel and stick staggered across the top back. One velcro circle on the metal mattress frame and one on the fabric.  As they lower the mattress they can just puddle the bottom of the ruffle. 

Tomorrow a test run on the bed. Come back to see.


  1. You are so talented Lori! Beautiful!!

  2. Can't wait to see how it turns out! Loooove the fabric!!!

  3. Baby bedding offers high quality material and texture and offers your baby a feeling of comfort and fussiness.


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