Thursday, March 21, 2013

St. Pats got in the way of sewing

Everyone needs a little break from sewing and work.  I took a break from Raylyn's bedding project and headed to Baton Rouge for our annual family reunion on St. Pat's weekend.

The McKee clan got together and we decorated. 

Napkins we used.

Azaleas in full bloom or almost there.

Our new prop this year.

He was a great guest, very quiet and didn't eat anything.  

Above is a photo of my maternal great-grand parents.  My grandmother, Veronica is standing in the middle back.  
She was the one who married a McKee.  My grand-father, Joseph McKee.  We gave them a place of honor on the mantel.


  1. What a fun "visitor"...happy and full of hot air!;>) Love that last family picture, too! xo Diana


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