Friday, March 22, 2013

Parade and a Baby Shower!

St. Pat's weekend got even better.  A surprise baby shower was planned by my sisters for Melissa and Sean.  

Here is a great balloon idea.  Use clear balloons (finally, Jill found them at Oriental Trading) + confetti + static electricity.  (you fill the balloon with confetti, blow it up and then rub the balloon on carpet or in our case my brother's head.)  We cut up tissue paper, but I think foil confetti might stick even better.  

The party started after eight.   It was a dessert shower, yum.  

The next morning was parade day!
Joanie's famous cookies.  

Jill and Chris provided a wonderful breakfast.  It included Grits and Grillades.  (gree adz)
Recipe here...

And after the parade pastalaya!  

The grands and I in our matching tutu's.  Don't we just look too too Irish?

Ann Marie with Hadley on the left and Layton on the right.

The Bishop starts off the parade with a prayer.  My sister's house just happens to be at the start of the parade route.  

Me, Jill and Joanie.  Sister love!  Hey, they have more beads than me, not fair. (yes, I sound like I am three).  Just sayin', why does the sister holding handing out jello shots have the most beads.  

Layton wearing the sweater her great-gram made her.  

These last two shots are because they are just so darn cute. I think these outfits look like they have on angel wings.  

I think Hadley was getting sleepy with her lovey blanket.  


  1. What a gorgeous gorgeous family you have. You take a great picture and I love you with the tutu and babies! What fun you guys had. Those babies are too cute for words- xo Diana

  2. Those twins are so beautiful, Lori!!!!

  3. So fun! And everything looks sooo yummy! Kelly


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