Saturday, March 30, 2013

Teacher's friends are the best...

I had never been to a shower hosted by teachers before.  My oh My!! Do they know how to throw a party and decorate and cook and make a pregant fellow teacher feel the love.

This adorable R for Raylyn greeted us on the front door.

Raylyn is making her Mama look like she is about to pop, but we need Raylyn to wait until the end of May to make her appearance.  This yummy popcorn was sprinkled with pink chocolate.  Thanks girls, I took three home with me.   Hey, I shared.  

Part of the decorations were gifts.  How cute is that tutu and onsie?  And there was even a teeny tiny tutu, small enough to wear at the hospital if Raylyn feels like dancing home.  Notice the matching poof bow and bow socks.  There was even a tiny pearl necklace to match.

Love!!! Of course the florist in me will show you the flowers before the food.  

Pearls and girls, a perfect combination.

Ranunculus and roses, plus perfectly pink carnations.

Alright already... the wonderful yummy treats and I tried everything.  I had to be nice!  

We were greeted at the door and offered yummy lemonade.

Ok, you can't see it, but I am telling the truth. There was a surprise in these mini cupcakes. The frosting was light and melted in your mouth.  Then when you got to the middle of the cupcake you found the yummy surprise.  Somehow someone squished yummy salted caremel inside.  I think I had two, maybe three of these. Hey, they were tiny.  Three probably equaled one full sized cupcake.  I'm just sayin'. Darn, the baker lives in Sherman, TX.  That is a far piece from Dallas.  You know, way out in East Jesus. But hey, maybe she will meet me halfway.  

Urban Dictionary definition for East Jesus.  Just in case you are not from the South.
(Referring to a place that is ungodly far away.) Too far away for me to pick up cupcakes anyway. 

And then the really fun began.

Ruffles, bows anything that will be on Raylns's bottom was just way too cute.

And these are the wonderful women that made it all possible.  Thanks for working with my daughter and being such loving friends.  They look so cute and wait, this was after a day of teaching kids.  Elementary school, so you know they never sit down.  

Melissa and Raylyn you are so loved.  


  1. So sweet!!! I taught 2nd grade for years! I miss teaching children, but not all that goes along with it! The decor and food are amazing!! Nothing like a good southern baby shower!

  2. What a beautiful party! The decorations are perfect and the food looks so good!!! I also worked with kids my whole life and I sure miss it now. I have a new weekly link party which is live now and I would love if you stop by and link up this wonderful post! Hope to see you there! Hugs, Maria

  3. OH my goodness, the decorations are so awesome, I love the little clothes up the stairs and the food looks amazing. Great shower. Thanks tons for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  4. Just LOVE it all and cannot WAIT for your next sweet grand daughter to arrive. I will be sending something SUPER CUTE for her soon...and knitting a little something special too! Love me some Kees Girls!


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