Sunday, March 10, 2013

Hippity Hoppity Easter's on it's way.

St. Patrick's Day too.  Napkins I'm using and an extra random tip. Yes, you know that is water vodka tonic in that glass.  Hey, it was Saturday night at home, whoo hoo.

I saw the below on somewhere? Blog or Pinterest? I can't remember where but, I have to share too.

I am going on day six of my home manicure in the pic below.  Day six! Dishes, heavy duty house cleaning, daily work, bubble bath,  you know the routine.  I used Ulta polish and the secret is the Sally Hansen Super Shine.  About every other day I re-coat with both if I detect a small chip or with just  the Super Shine.  I never kept polish on my fingernails because on day two or three they were so chipped.  This pose is my comment only, no one has asked me to advertise.  So you know this stuff works and I just had to share.  Well worth the 5.99 price.  

So sorry Happy Nail salon, you just get to see me for pedicures! Yes, just one nail, I don't think there is an s on their sign after nail.  


  1. Gotta have it! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. I have used that stuff for a long time and love it-I use it for my toes- xo Diana

  3. I'll relax on a Sunday night and raise a Vodka Tonic with you! Love the cute mug and napkins:@)

  4. Hi Lori, jut wanted to say thanks for commenting on my blog, still, after all these years! Hope you are well and take care xx Simone


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