Monday, August 9, 2010

Suggestions please!

Love our over 100 year old rug, so did the dog.

Sadly Cotton left us in March, it is still hard to talk about.

We still though have the rug and it is in really great shape.  The history I know of it is...

Originally at Northwestern State campus in the President's house.  Gifted to Lynn's Uncle who was Dean of Men.  In his house for long time, no children or pets to wear it out.

Given to Lynn's Mom and she kept it under a bed, no more wear.  Given to us about five years ago.

Things I have used to get rid of the well... smell.

We took it outside and used a rug shampoo machine, not heavy duty.  Let it dry in the 100 degree heat, dried really fast.  Used a spray of diluted water and vinegar.  Used baking soda, rubbed in and vacuumed out.  It is better but still if you get really close.  Yuch.  Not very appetizing under the dining room table.

Suggestions please!  Or is it a lost cause.


  1. Have you tried the product called Spot for pet odors? It works for me and the Chihuahua that is still resisting potty training.

  2. There are several enzyme products used for getting rid of pet odors...I would try some more white vinegar...and later maybe some baking soda with a good vacuuming if you can't find the enzyme products...I would look in the pet section of a good store!!! The odor is probably in the backing so treat that first...

  3. I would google it, and see what natural remedy comes up...I would be very careful as to what you put on it, because you do not want to fade the colors.....I do hope you come up with something, it is beautiful.

  4. Good luck. My inlaws swear by a product called Folex to remove spots and things, but I don't know about odor. Friends of ours swear by Nature's Miracle and there is one other that I can't remember, but I will go see if I can find it! The rug is beautiful and you know me... anything with history, I love!

  5. I had a gallon of milk that rolled under the seat in the van and began leaking one summer. Yes, you can imagine the smell before I FINALLY even found the thing! I tried everything. The smell was better but still there. I then took a whole bag of cat litter and covered the whole area about 2 inches thick. I left it there for a week and then vacuumed up the litter. It did not smell anymore. I hope this works for you!!!

  6. My husband cleaned carpets during college and he still cleans our carpet with a degreaser and wet/dry VAC like a charm and smells good too!!! GOOD luck!

  7. Indeed a very unique carpet! A hundred year old carpet is very interesting because it has its own charm. The fact that it stood time is also a testament to its durability.

    We also had an old carpet that was given by my wife's grandmother. It has a very stubborn musty smell that was truly difficult to remove even if we tried typical cleaning technique. My wife decided to hire carpet cleaners in Los Angeles to fix the problem. Fortunately, the experts in carpet cleaning in Los Angeles did an amazing job because the carpet looks really good right now without hint of any odor.

    When all else fails, I guess it's best to seek professional help. Hope this helps. Good luck!


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