Monday, August 16, 2010

Gotta love a parent's house

I got to stay at my Mom's house when she was in the hospital, snuck pictures that could only be found at a parent's house.  Does your parent's house have some of these things?

Window sill above sink with some kind of ripening vegetable or fruit, maybe over ripe.

Celebrity side of refrigerator

Pile of knitting materials

How many books can one person read at a time?  Apparently four and 10 magazines.

Jewelry hanging on every hook possible.

slipper pile

Windowsill of grand-children

This one scared me growing up and still scares my grown kids.

Yep, crucifix with wounds and all.

Wouldn't be Mom's house without any of these things.

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  1. Yelp! That looks like a typical grandparents house!!! gotta love em!


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