Saturday, August 14, 2010

Old scale, new scale both wrong!

Hopefully this will be a great - Before/After
I was sure if I traded in my 30 year old wedding gift scale for a new digital one, that I would immediately loose 10 pounds at least. 

Hey a girl can dream....

Wedding gift scale, easy to read 30 years ago, eyes and clouded plastic not so great now.

New digital scale.  BBB with 20% off of course.

Gasp .... I gained two pounds just taking it out of the box!

Really need to bump up the exercising!  and eat less.

The name at the top should motivate me as well.

And aren't those cute green scale testing thingys!?

I'll let you know how it goes or maybe not.

Before / After party with Debbiedoo


  1. I just saw someone at the Trade Days who took an old scale, spray painted it, threw some scrapbook paper/mod podge on top and had a vintage looking scale....very to get back to those vintage numbers. ;o)

  2. You go girl...let me know how it works for ya!

  3. Lori, I so need to get back to exercising. This blogging is ruining my body plus old age isn't helping either.

  4. Good luck! I keep saying I am going to start a diet the next day, but then that day comes and something happens so it is the next day! My day will come!! I'm not sure when that day will be, but soon! Maybe... :-)

  5. Me too! I will follow your weight loss and maybe that will work for me too. LOL! Love your green scale testers!

  6. This was cute....I'm with ya!

  7. This was awesome asked me about my vinyl...I found my letter at a local shop here...they only had initials:) But I was glad it was the perfect addition for my mirror.

  8. I think the manufacturers are purposely making scales weigh you heavier, so that way, when you smash the old one, you go buy another, just a theory. For that letter, try, feel free to look at my daughter's room(she has wall words from them). You can get a variety of sayings, letters, etc in many colors too! Came over from Debbie's!

  9. I'm with you I have got to get on the diet wagon now if I want to look great for the holidays.......YUK I like eating! I am visiting from Debbiedoos.



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