Monday, August 9, 2010

Napkin love...

I love cloth napkins, I feel like it's one of my little save the earth projects.  I never buy paper napkins for use with meals. Just use, wash, use again.  I think the son-in-laws were not very comfortable at first using them.

Found these latest beauties at Dillard's clearance store.

Originally $6.00, clearance price $1..80... gets better half price!  .90 cents each.
They are double sided with different pattens on both sides.  First I have of this kind.  I heart the fall colors and they match my kitchen colors too.  I saw somewhere that someone doubled napkins in a napkin ring.  So these are actually two napkins. One old and the new ones.

Double side shows nicely in the next few pictures.

Just starting to get the table ready for the twins 26th birthday dinner.  Yep, 26 years ago today, I was on bed rest to stop early contractions.  They did end up coming four weeks early, but straight to the well baby nursery and went home with me.  Five days later, back when insurance paid for five days with a c-section.  Then my Mom's house for another week, then home. It was great being pampered.  Both Grand-parents lived in the same town as we did.  I don't know how we would have made it without their help.

Napkins - Dillards
Pewter numbered napkin rings - Pottery Barn
Pewter Fleur de lis napkin rings - Louisiana boutiques
Waterford - Araglin


  1. I love napkins too, have lots and lots of them...our dinner guests always ask are these OK to use? LOL! Very pretty Lori..

  2. You got me thinking that maybe I should start using my cloth napkins more often.


  3. Great napkins and what a great price on them. Love the rings, too. We use cloth ones too and throw them in the wash. I love them.


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