Sunday, August 8, 2010

Master Bath painted!

It took me about a month, but I finally finished repainting the bathroom.  The 100 degree days have helped, I needed an indoor project. 

The entire bathroom needs redone.  At this rate it might take several years.  Unless we win the lottery and I can hire everything out.

Before - My hubbie, Lynn called it the New Orleans Saints bathroom.  It was kind of fleur de lis overload.

The burlap dipped in texture mud and nailed to the wall makes the top border. I'm afraid if I try to remove it the sheetrock will come with it.  I may white wash it.

Sorry, not so good pic of the sink wall.  New light fixtures will be next and I want to frame the mirror.  I love the huge mirror.  So I want to keep it, but like the framed look.

Problem area.  When I took the curtain down over the spa tube, the rod holders would not work anymore.  They would not screw back into the wall.  I mudded holes, still no luck.

They just did this and leaned forward.  The would not support the curtain.

Home Depot, no luck.  Then I saw a World Market flyer with cute ceramic knobs. If they would be the screw on the back kind they would work.

Found some mossy green ones to match the curtains.


Still had to keep a few fleur de lis things around.  

Before/After paint shots.

Before was a flat finish, now semi-gloss.  Color did change a little.

Next the list..
light fixtures
frame mirror
slate floor - would love to be able to add the warmer underneath
new tile around tub and shower, want the pebble look at the bottom of shower
New counter top 
all new faucets, bronzed
new doorknobs to match faucets
add cabinet for extra storage in water closet

Not much to ask for, right?


  1. OH it is looking great. It's a lot of work to paint a bathroom, so many things to paint around. You've done a great job. Like your to do list too. Sounds like mine. Hugs, Marty

  2. new paint color looks great. I wasn't so sure about that burlap dipped border thing but it looks good with the new paint. Can't wait to see the rest of the projects get completed. I understand about it taking longer than sunroom is taking so long too.

  3. That's a big job to take on! Our master bath desperately needs a little TLC too. 10years worth of the same wallpaper.

    Your bathroom is looking great! I can't wait to see what all you pick out.

  4. Hi Lori, I just now came over from Miss Janice's blog. I know I am going to enjoy yours.

    Would you, please, please tell me the name of the poem mentioned. Or perhaps My Heart the title. I would love to read the poem. Maybe I can find it online if you tell me the title.

    Many thanks to you.

  5. Oh, silly me, Lori. I see the poem right there on the left side of your blog. By Wordsworth. Love the poem.

  6. Lori, this make-over is coming along beautifully! I kinda LIKE the burlap!!

    I'll be very interested in seeing how you frame out the mirror. I have a plain one in my sewing room bathroom & I was thinking of doing the same thing!

  7. WOW fancy the fleur de lis...very nice Lori!


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