Saturday, August 28, 2010

If I bring out orange will the heat go away?

So, I crawled up in the attic to look for fall stuff.  Some fun parties coming up.
This is my attic.

Yes, I just threw the ice chest and suitcases up there, it is in at a  weird angle that I can't reach, geez.

I'm looking for anything orange....

Good insulation huh?

That's what I need the orange tub... when I think I am really organized, I color code my plastic containers by the holiday color.

This piece needs TLC, his head fell off from the heat of the attic, I should use nails not hot glue.  You think I would have learnt that lesson over the last three years.

I can use this metal beauty right away, no jack o lantern eyes, very rustic.

Fitz and Floyd cuties.

This picture is to make you want to come back to see what she is, makes me want to clean the pantry.

So one pretty area down, one orange plastic tub and the rest of the house to go.

It is just a start, I will get there.
K plate - Dillard's
Pumpkin candlesticks - Fitz and Floyd
Tray - Ross
Fleur de lis chopping board - gift
Little night light lamp - Pier One
Coffee cup - daughter brought home from college - super studying sized

 We have two daughters who are teachers and they were sad to see summer time off go away.  I do have to drive through a school zone to get to work making my commute 30 seconds longer.  So, even though this is our first year with NO tuition,  (after 7 years of three girl's in college), I do know school has started, which means..... fall and cooler temps around the corner.

If you got this far into reading this post, you might have noticed that my blog has some movie references.  The first person to locate them all, comment with the movie names will get a fall gift in the mail.  But, not if you have no-reply set for your comment reply emails.  I really don't like those and plus won't know how to contact you for your mailing address.  HINT - they are all on the home page.

Happy Fall Y'all.

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  1. Love the K plate and the vignette. I'm doing the same thing this weekend...just for the inside of the house, I just can't wait!

  2. Looks great. As for movie references I only found 2, maybe 3. How many are there?

  3. This is a test, checking my own no-comment emails, thanks Gina

  4. Love your "K" plate...I think I need to find all my goodies too!


  5. Cute stuff Lori...your attic looks like MINE!

  6. Oh this is so perfect. I love that you got up in the attic. I am with you, so ready for fall. Your vignette is lovely. Can't wait to see more. Thanks for linking to TTT. Hugs, Marty

  7. I hope you are right... if you bring the orange out- the heat will go away! I live in Florida and already dragged out some of the autumnal colors a month ago!

  8. I sure hope the orange helps, it's well into the 90's and humid again in Philly!
    Ok, I had to try your movie challenge, I see The Wizard of Oz and Jerry Maguire... are there more?

  9. Oh, Lori...I am loving that rustic pumpkin frame! And...I am also hoping for cooler weather! I hope you are having a great week!...hugs...Debbie

  10. So many people are so excited for fall. I'm not there yet. Enjoy your fall decorating. Color coded bins is a great idea.

  11. oh...i loved the trip to the attic! how fun was that!!! speaking of, have you ever watched PICKERS on the history channel? it is AMAZING! they go through attics, basements etc... it's my husband & mine new favorite.

    love your collection of FALL stuff so far. i just love seeing it all over again. such a fun time of year.
    thank you so much for linking up. i am sorry for your girls having to go back to school, however. i understand that feeling completely.


  12. You had me at hello is from Jerry Maguire.
    Theres no place like home is from The Wizard of Oz. (as well as the shoes pic!)
    Pick a little, talk a little is from The Music Man, I believe.
    My favorite things is from The Sound of Music.

    I have no idea if my blog has no-reply set for my comment reply emails.... i receive emails if my blog is commented on, but I have yet to be able to put an "email me" feature on my blog. I am MistyHCunningham AT gmail DOT com.


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