Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Last, final, the end, DONE- post of my storage chest!

Sorry, oblige me one more time.  I REALLY am proud of this project and I put the finishing touches on it last night.  I glazed the whole thing with a tobacco stain paint (Ralph Lauren, tobacco glaze tint).  Kind of like when you put cream foundation on your face.  It fills in a lot of the little imperfections and just gives everything a smooth, even finish.  Then I took the whole darn, heavy thing back out to the garage and put a coat of minwax spray semi-gloss finish on the entire chest.  Kind of like when you put your mascara and lipstick on, you can leave the house because you know you are DONE! 

 Now that I have brought it back into the house and put it back together
(drawers in slots, verrrrry complicated)
 I am so ready to fill it up because I know I am DONE!

I can become super organized
(for a day at least) with my fun girly, party stuff! 
Melissa called me a "party in a box" once, now I have a whole five drawer party in a chest.  And when I want you to get the napkins out for me, I just tell you they are in the third drawer and you know exactly which one, you don't even have to count.

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  1. Wow! That looks amazing. You should be proud.


  2. That looks really good. Super job. I am sure you are proud of it.

  3. Gorgeous! It looks very, very cool...the black font against the wood gives it a really rich and vintage look. Congrats!

  4. I really like the numbers and the black and white on the inside of the drawers. It looks very BP.

    I used to get that "flash back" so I stopped using the flash. All my indoor pictures look better, even night shots.

    Talk to you soon ;)
    Bunny Jean

  5. Oh, you had to notice that my chandy is not hung in the right spot. The electrician that wired our house did not get the light in the center of the window. Just off a bit, but if I put the table over any my husband want be able to slide back without hitting the wall. He sits at the end so he can see the t.v. I told him I wish it wasn't off like that, but oh well.

  6. Of course you're proud! It turned out great :).

  7. It looks so great. I love the numbers and the pattern on the inside of the drawers, just gorgeous!

  8. Wow! I love that so much! I can't wait to see the next project!

  9. That is awesome. Worth all the hard work! Love it. Great job!

  10. It's gorgeous I love it! You misspelled fourth tho... forth without the U is like go forth and conquer, move ahead, etc. I'm sorry, I am a born editor I guess! It's still absolutely beautiful though, you did a great job on it!


  11. Lori, this is fabulous! I am so glad to have a way to keep up with ya'll more frequently! I was at home for Mardi Gras. Nanny Kees had recent pics and, as always, she was the highlight of my trip! I love her so much! I enlarged the framed poem in your blog in order to read it. As I was doing so, I thought, this is familiar! When I saw Grandad's name, tears flowed. What a sweet way to remember him! Please look me up facebook..Susan York Carlay (I'm not a fanatic facebooker, but I do update with pics pretty often). I'll post Mardi Gras pics in the next few days. The girls are gorgeous, gorgeous!! And I feel REALLY old! Love ya'll, Susan

  12. I noticed the forth too. But the chest looks great- I love numbers and number words too- very cool design.

  13. I even double checked with my hubby on the spelling we both agreed forth, awwwhhh. Hum, I have to come up with a fix.

  14. I love this! It turned out wonderful. The lettering really adds such a unique touch.

  15. I love it! You did an amazing job!

    Partying with you tonight.

  16. Okay, I had to go back and look at the other post. WOW! What an amazing transformation ~ Love it!!! And I really love the black and white checked paper you are using inside the drawers. Really a great inspiration piece, thanks so much for sharing!


  17. Thanks for linking up at That Village House! It turned out cute. I love that the drawer "labels" are all different looking. Great job!


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