Friday, December 7, 2012

I want to be inside one of these houses

So cozy and warm looking.
This year I whittled my collection down from 21 lit pieces to 14.   I gifted each of my three girls with pieces from the collection.  Hard to believe when I started collecting these in 1982 and said "someday" my girls will have these in their homes.... yikes, someday is here.

I'll show you the downtown street and out in the country area first.  With shops and a little house with music lessons going on.

The grocery is one of my first and oldest pieces to collect.

As Dept 56 came out with newer pieces they started adding the glass painted windows on some.

Above the music teacher's house and a cute snowman with a violin.

I even have a little country barn and a few cows.

The hayride is one of my favorite accessories.

Up on the rooftop reindeer paw.... or is it reindeer pause?

In another room of the house I have a city neighborhood.  With a church, a couple getting married and kids playing.

I think my parent's had a car similar to the pink Cadillac.

Funny, I didn't notice I had the kids above backwards till I saw this photo.  I think the boy is teasing his sister and instead should be putting that hat on frosty.  

My sisters gave me the blue house for my birthday one year.  At one time we owned a two story house in Louisiana that was a pretty close match to the one above.

The snow village makes great nightlights around the house all December and into January.

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  1. How does that happen? One day we are COLLECTORS and it seems in the blink of an eye we become DISTRIBUTORS! I love the collection you have and it seems you still have quite a bit left. I gave my house collections away. I had a BIG house collection and a small house collection. One son wanted the BIG house collection and the daughter (this surprised me) said she had always loved my LITTLE house it is hers now.

    I love all your little extra pieces, too, like the car. So cute- xo Diana

  2. I think you depicted that little boy with the hat true to life! I only have one question... No pigs at the farm??? Happy Weekend-enjoy:@)

  3. Love them all. Glad that you could gift them to someone who wanted them. My mom collected these figurines for years and my sister and I don't want them. She is going to have to sell them when she moves!

  4. What a beautiful collection, Lori! And how sweet that you are now able to pass a few pieces along! Love your displays!

  5. such a sweet collection!

    hope you will find a moment to stop by and enter a giveaway i am hosting for followers (i hope you win!):

    happy weekend to you!



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