Wednesday, December 5, 2012

More Christmas and some grand sitting

After a day of decorating, we offered to watch the twins so their Mom could work an engagement photo shoot.
Babies first... in their cute gingerbread onsies.

Miss Layton

and Miss Hadley were both alert and perfect as usual.

Here is a bit of the decorating I did around the house yesterday.   Tumbling Santa in the kitchen.

I was deckin' them halls y'all!

The hall tree is holding the sleigh bells and some garland. 

12 points for my believe sign. (If I was playing scrabble that is) I do agree with both signs, yes I do. 

Did anyone create as much counted cross stitch projects as I did in college and before we started having kids?  No computers or technical gadgets so I guess I had a lot of time on my hands.  This was one of my first pieces.  1979.  

Enough with all that Christmas stuff!
Yes, it was a baby head kissing kind of day!   Hadley and Layton didn't seem to mind at all.  


  1. Isn't this grandma business the greatest. Your little ones are just so sweet. And YES, I have a TON of cross stitch still, and I have given even more away.

  2. Lori, the babies are adorable! Are you just having the time of your life?! The tumbling Santa is so cute! Fitz and Floyd?

  3. Hello Lori,
    The girls are just adorable! How nice that you can babysit them:)

  4. Those photos just about melt my heart away - I have twin daughters ( almost 30 now ) wow - does that take me back!
    And what gorgeous names!!!
    Mine are Lindsay and Ashley

  5. How adorable! The twins and the decorations

  6. Oh-Are they cutest things ever? Just love those sweet babies..and the decorating is pretty great, too. xo Diana

  7. Awww! Great shot of the four of you! And I know babies grow quick, but they look so different already! Love those outfits!


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