Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Napkins

Napkins I'm using now.
A sweet sentiment on them too.

Great use of my cheese box from a Round Top, TX trip.  I guess the lady who had this a long time ago would think I was nuts to use it for a display case.  She also would faint when she heard I paid eight dollars for it.  Which we all know was a steal!  

'Tis the season to be aware of the tiny magic everywhere.
Nothing like the season's regenerating grace to raise spirits.  

My sister, Joanie's Christmas napkins from Christmas Eve.

Gotta go, I get to babysit the Grands today!


  1. Lori- Hope you have fun babysitting. It's a cute post here today- xo Diana

  2. Love both sets of napkins and the table looks beautiful! Have fun babysitting:@)

  3. I bet you had a wonderful day today! So far I just have least my kids keep insisting they are. Not quite the same. Loved catching up on your Christmas posts! Happy New Year, Lori!

  4. I do love the sentiment on those napkins! It's a good thing to remember this time of year. I love the wooden container they're displayed in too. Perfect!


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