Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Whole30 diet and hastag yum!

Since next month hubby and I will be heading to Paris for a trip on a river cruise from Paris to the beaches of Normandy, I needed to lose a few lb's.  If I could get my weight down a bit, I then won't feel so guilty as I eat everything I see while traveling right? Sounds like a plan?

Of course on another blog, I saw someone who was on the Whole30 diet.  I googled and pretty much I am following the below rules.  What I missed most, creamer in my coffee!  (I have added that back after two weeks into the diet) 

(yep, no bread, pasta, rice, crackers etc.)
Processed/packaged foods


I am sure there are lots more rules, but this is the plan I have followed and in three weeks, I am 8 pounds lighter.  (and will probably be 15 pounds heavier when we return from our trip!) Maybe all the walking will off set some of the crepes and croissants.

I have an omelot every morning, my fruit smoothie during the day.  Lunch and dinner.  Nuts and some dehydrated fruits have been my desserts.  Two new recipes that have helped me get through the diet are below.

Sweet potato and chicken Hash - full recipe here
The above pictured dish was amazingly easy and delicious.

Saute (in olive oil) chopped onion, green bell pepper, celery and garlic.

Steam sweet potato chunks and add to skillet with chicken.  I had a bag of frozen pre-cooked fajita style chicken strips. Add salt and pepper to taste.  Tony's creole seasoning too.

Top with green onions, stir and cover for 5-10 minutes.

TIP - did you know Trader Joe's has frozen cubes of garlic and basil?  So easy to pop in any dish you making.  

Another great recipe that I pinned onto my Food Glorious Food board
Cauliflower Fried "rice" - recipe here

I am making this again tonight!

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  1. I could do without the grains but the legumes are another story!!!!Stopping by from the link up!
    <3 Sarita it's my girls' world

  2. I think one of the hardest things would be giving up creamer!!

  3. First of all, "Yippie!" for Paris! What an awesome thing to look forward to! It's smart of you to curb the calories now because there's nothing worse than having to hold back when you're on vacation. I clicked on the cauliflower recipe and it looks wonderful. I'm a big advocate of using cauliflower in place of other things (I love making it into "mashed potatoes") and I'm getting ready to try using it as a pizza crust! I'm definitely trying your rice recipe as well.
    Happy eating, and thanks for the great idea!

  4. I imagine you will walk it off Lori. We just returned from a river cruise from Vienna to Prague and did lots of walking. It was our first river cruise and we just loved it. Can't wait too hear all about it.


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