Monday, January 11, 2010

BEFORE/AFTER - Living/Dining Room and Guest Bath

New color is by Sherwin Williams - Nomadic Desert, Lynley and I decided we needed just a touch lighter shade in here than the Latte in the hallway.

Stripes are 10 inches wide, horizontal.  The color is
the same Nomadic Desert, but one stripe is flat and one is satin finish.  I love the effect.

Good-bye 1991mirror, new color Nomadic Desert

Eww! was the response when we romoved the old mirror and found the original wallpapper.  We did not build the house, so I am glad to say was not my pick!!

Cotton helped hold the drop cloth in place.  She is going on 15!  Lying down on something is usually the position you find her in these days.

Thanks, Ann Marie, Melissa and Lynley

No, not from the floor, but Lynley and Melissa decided to change the color on the light fixtures to dark iron and the spray paint left a fine film everywhere!  Took a lot of extra scrubbing to clean up.  Live and learn. Oh, did I mention the temperature never went above freezing this past weekend.  It was the perfect cold weather indoor project.  Floor in bathroom is the next project!

I'm linking with Domestically Speaking paint party...


  1. Beautiful , gotta love those stripes

  2. It looks sooo great!! Love the stipes and black mirrors! What a face lift. :)

  3. I always love stripes... you guys did great! Thanks for linking up to the POPP.

  4. Your stripes look GREAT!! I am so sorry it took me so incredibly long to comment about that! Thanks so much for sharing. We stripe girls have to stick together. :) Kelly


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