Saturday, December 15, 2012

A prayer and a story ...

Prayers for families without loved ones today.  My heart breaks with sadness.
School should never be a place to be afraid.  God bless them all.  


I have a short story to tell.  I hadn't been on Ebay in a long time.  But I was looking for rare Snow Village houses and found some other gems.  Since I was outbid on every house I wanted.  I searched silver.  My pattern came up with 10 forks for bid.  I read the discription and bid.  So did several others.  

The description was incorrect.  It read 10 Sterling Silver forks.  Starting bid 9.99.   When I saw they were my silver pattern, I emailed the seller that the forks were not sterling, but silverplate.  I never got a reply. 

Three days later...

I go on Ebay to see how the bidding is going and the entire offer is no longer there for bid.  I email again to ask what happened to the forks.  The seller said he found out they were not sterling silver and took the post down.  I said I was still interested and he sold them to me for the 9.99 price plus shipping. I couldn't believe it.  I have been trying to finish out my set.  But these items are pricey.

Pattern ~ Christofle of France ~ Malmaison

Bloomingdales offers the five piece place setting for 572.00

The single dessert/salad fork sells for 107.00 by itself.
Replacements LTD offers the same single fork re-sale for 74.00

So who thinks this is a deal?   10 single dessert forks.  9.99.  Less than a dollar a fork.

They came all tarnished but polished up easily.

I love the detail on the back of the forks.  I was afraid they wouldn't be the real deal.  But stamped and all.  Does anyone know if you can have the tiny surface scratches buffed away?  I think they may have been used for everyday use, but now they will be tucked away in my silver chest for special occasions.

Little ladies all in a row.

I might place one on Ebay for auction and see how much I could get for one shiny beauty.

I probably could cover my entire cost fo all ten forks on one auction.

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  1. You got a great deal! I did the same with Christmas dishes last year bought at a consignment sale my daughter had. All of it for $19.50. To buy each piece on Replacements would have cost me $420.00 not including s/h. It's amazing what you can find if you look. :) My current post shows all the dishes I got. Take a look.

  2. I had the same experience recently on Ebay, only without the added worry of the auction disappearing... I just happened to be the first to discover a great deal, so I "bought it now" and I am thrilled!! I don't know about buffing out the blemishes - honestly, I would just love them as part of the "story" of these pieces :) You absolutely got a fabulous deal - congratulations!!

  3. Darn- Just lost my comment....Anyway, I said I suppose seller thought that they weren't worth anything since they weren't real sterling. Good buy- xo Diana

  4. Sooo pretty. How lucky are you!!!???!!!


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