Friday, April 16, 2010

Goodwill hunting!

Lunch time jaunt.  I found a new Goodwill by my office.  I was on the hunt yesterday.  Before I left, when I googled the address, there was a coupon!  Huh, really Goodwill coupons!  More on that later.

The red iron paper towel holders, please visualize them as bronzed ribbon holders, minus the stars on top.  Anybody want those, or good ideas out there? Oh, 75% off, $1.75 each.

The Martha Stewart shaker $1.00 is for my homemade creole sesaoning. 

Fun metal basket for any red themed holiday, I guess the 4th of July coming up. $2.00.

Cool column candle holder will become bronze also, while I have the spray paint out for the ribbon holders.  $3.00.  The Christmas balls for my vintage tree next year for $2.00.   They are not old, but the size matches the ones I have started collecting, they will be filler until I get more vintage ones. 

Now the rest of the coupon story...

Great button legs, they will become black or dark brown.

If you are counting I am about up to $12.00 dollars.  My coupon was for five off of $20.00.  I'm short just a tad.  Then I saw the ottoman.  $10.00.  That would put me at $22 and I could use my coupon.  That make the ottoman $5.00!  Pretty good shape I could use as is, but will recover.  So keep watching for the redo.  I have a lot of burlap left over from another project.... maybe.  I am anti coffee table.  They just become foot rests or junk collectors.  I can place a tray on this one for a little stuff and Lynn now doesn't have to slide a chair over to the couch for a place for his feet.  For $5.00 bring on the junk and feet!  And yes for those of you that noticed those are Christmas tree needles in the back of my car. 


  1. I love it! I'm determined to enter the world of my 'good will hunting.' I can't wait to see the ottoman redo!

  2. whooowhoo!!~ You done good....!!~

  3. applause~! I love that ottoman.. I get almost every one I find and fix them up for pals. I soooooooo agree about coffee tables. I have'nt had one in years.. I am so happy for you that your found great stuff you can use so cheap..


  4. I love that ottoman! I am jealous about your Goodwill experience. I NEVER find anything good at mine...thanks for visiting my blog!

  5. Lori, you got some terrific deals. I have picked you to play in a blog game if you want to. Come over to my blog for the rules.

  6. Amazing trip to the Goodwill I'd say!!

  7. I love when I find the perfect thing! Congrats on having a coupon, too! I have plans for a piece I will be bring home tomorrow!


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