Sunday, April 25, 2010

Springtime on Halifax Lane

Didn't you love when you were a kid looking up at trees and watching the wind blow through the leaves.

Lynn has done 99% of the yard work.  I planted a few impatiens and geraniums.
I did dig up all the lariope to transplant to the front yard and re-planted about half of it.

I will let these spring yard pictures speak for themselves.

Happy Spring from Halifax Lane.


  1. and it does look like a happy spring ... my i have to get out and start working on mine space ... yours looks so lovely!!!

  2. Beautiful outdoor shots. Isn't digging up and replanting lirope fun? I have done that more times than I can count. Lot cheaper than buying new ones though.

  3. Every time I would split a clump of liriope and throw it in the bucket, I would say $3.98. My husband thought I was nuts and said what are you doing, I said that is what each one costs at Calloways! Saved a ton, doing it myself.

  4. Your pictures are awesome Lori, did you get a new camera? Or just getting really good! I see I missed a few posts....I always catch up sooner or later:)


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