Friday, April 2, 2010

Round Top Part Three - Glass, trinkets, stuff

Here is what you have been waiting for the STUFF!

These bottles were one of the "it" items.  We saw them everywhere and in every price range.  They are wine bottles from France.  Speaking of France, if it had french words and burlap on the item, they also fell in the "it" category. I'll show you those first.

There is a lot of pictures, so I may double up on some rows.  This is when I need to learn how to collage.

Old carnival ride - Sold


White stuff!

Need a wooden box, any size or shape?

Told you they were popular.

The story behind the china deal.

This is my Mother's china pattern.  I have never seen it anywhere but her dining room table.  I saw the sticker on the covered vegetable bowl and I thought ... ooh gee, $75.00 for the one bowl.  When I looked closer it said, $75.00 /set.  Do you see large and small platter, sugar and creamer, plates, etc....

I called my Mom immediately, she had never seen it anywhere else either.  Balli Hai, by Kent.

I asked the vendor if that was the best he could do?  Held my breath and he said he would take $65.00.  I hesitated just one long second and said I would take it.  The packing newspapers were from 2002, he was probably thrilled to see it go.

When we were boxing it up for the ride home, we found two coffee cups!  Bonus!
I researched Replacements Ltd.  when I got home and are you ready... for 24 pieces $500.00!
Don't you just love flea markets?

Next post.... furniture, wood, metal

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  1. Yes, those bottles are the it thing and I want a couple. Did you bring me one home?

  2. I have never seen those bottles here, how odd. What do you do with them? Are they just decoration or are they used as vases? Do you have a name from one of them? I'll have to research it!
    That 'flea market' is what is called a 'Brocante' or 'Depot Vente' but it looks really, really good!

  3. Torture, torture, torture! I want to go to Round Top so bad! To me it looks like those vendors save up everything we want and sell it there. Hmm.

  4. I love it all - wish I was there!

  5. O my god..... AS SOON AS I GET home, you must take me! The antler chandeliers and the white stuff is my favorite!

  6. I think I like the marbles in the antique canning jars best.

  7. Man that looks like some great things! My husband and I live only two hours away from there and were thinking about going.. . .we decided to stay home! Awesome deal on the china! Got to love that!

  8. Hi there.
    Thank you so much for joining me for IMS this week. I have thoroughly (like oohing and aahhhing) enjoyed this post. What treasures! The china is awesome. What a neat thing to have found for your mom, and holy deal!!

    I hope that you have a fantastic week!


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