Thursday, April 1, 2010

Round Top Part Two - The Food and Fun!

Of course a whole post on food and fun!  Yes, Big Boy was for sale.
Let's start with breakfast, the most important meal of the day!

April and Harley, our wonderful hosts.

Pictures do not do the presentation or taste justice.
Here is the  link below for my favorite the
 Paul Prudhomme andouille sausage muffins.  April did share her trick to use the frozen yeast muffins.  She didn't add the egg on top, because of course she had an egg casserole that morning. (they are one picture up.)  Can we say Grand Marnier bread pudding for breakfast?  Yes and it was fabulous, along with everything else.  Now we are ready to shop!

Lunch meant meeting at a pre-arranged field with tailgating.  Only ladies from the South could put together a picnic lunch like these Yaya's did.

Our view... the cows had moved away out of the picture.

Calvin's chicken salad from Baton Rouge!  Can I order it and have it shipped to Texas?

Beverage trunk

Pass the shrimp please and for dessert let's make toffee dip cookie sandwiches.  Or how about brownies, shortbread cookies, chocolate chip, trail mix.

Lunch is served.  More fields await, see you at happy hour.

On the porch for a pre-party with Jane and Lori and then onto Zapp Hall.

Sorry, a little out of order, wonderful restaurant in downtown somewhere, TX.
Bistro 108.

Have you been red doored?  Jean what do you have under that table?

The two sister's that invited me on the trip, Jane and Amy, can't say thanks enough!

Round Top Part Three - Glass and trinkets and stuff

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  1. Can someone say FOOD and FUN?? I can!~ Man wish I was there, that looked awesome!~ Have a great Easter!~ I made a quick little Easter posts for my peeps here in blog land;)

  2. I don't know if these are the kinda ladies I want to hang out with, or the kinda I need to stay faaar away from ;o) With all that good could be bad, but oh so fun. It looks like a fabulous time....still
    ....and BIG BOY? I miss him, and I visit him yearly in CA. I would have needed to be dragged away from the purchase.

  3. Y'all look like you had so much fun. That last booth looks wonderful. I want those bottles. They are expensive around here.

  4. i love the glass trinkets! gorgeous. the food looks delish. how fun!

  5. Oh, it looks like so much fun - I'm jealous!!

  6. Oh! I so want to go to that B&B just for the breakfasts! Looks delicious! And the green glass bottles at the Round Top fair! Love those!!

  7. Looks YUMMY as well as FUN!!! What great memories and you'll always remember that trip! Maybe I can get there next year...hmmmm.

  8. Y'all know how to do it girl! How much fun did you have??!!!

  9. Lori, That looked like soo much fun. I'm so glad we are going in the Fall.

    The china is fabulous. The covered dish is beautiful. The platters are different than the ones I have and I don't have a creamer and sugar bowl. Thanks for getting those for me. What a deal.

  10. I see at Zapp, don't you just this place. We always hang out here in the evenings after we close up. Thanks for letting me know about your posts. Looking forward to meeting you, Theresa BTW, you took some great pics of places I didn't get to see!


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